Makeup Tips for Christmas

Remember this Christmas, party, celebration, family, friends and a nice supper for everyone. For a very special occasion we want to be with the visual special too. To do so, you need to invest in a look that goes with the party and also with a make that has to do with your style and with the moment.

What to wear makeup

This issue can arise in the minds of many women, especially those who are not very familiar with the production of a make more elaborate occasions so require. This is the time to use brighter, however, without exaggeration and everything will depend on the place where you find yourself.


Learn how to make a beautiful eye obliterated without complication.

Makeup for the party in the company

No matter if is a moment of fraternization with co-workers and you’re not on your own time. Any event that has your workplace involved asks colors and a more restrained, but elegant. As it’s Christmas, you can put a red lipstick for the party since that is the color of Christmas. In this case, be more careful with the eye makeup and her clothes, leaving her with a more discreet color.

Learn how to match your clothes with makeup.


For a make more discrete without losing the elegance and glamour you can bet in Golden tones to the shadow. A more matte with brown Golden obliterated in the concave of the eye is excellent. Simply perfect in the mask of cilia and delineated. In the mouth, a nude color lipstick is excellent.

Makeup for parties in Salon

The family is large and decided to gather in a ballroom to celebrate Christmas or the friends decided to give it a bash? You can perfect a bit more on make being less formal, since it’s a family reunion and dare more in the outfit, after all you are no longer among the co-workers or within the company.


As we are in a very hot season of the year, you can opt for a makeup more Beach, with little makeup, using only the mask of eyelashes, eyeliner and lip color to bet on hot as Red or orange. A bronze-colored blush and know how to use the Illuminator right makes all the difference at this point.

Makeup for house party

Here the visual can be less loaded, especially if it’s your House, but it all depends on the type of party. For example, if the party will be in the garden, you can bet a make more relaxed, put more color in the shade like blue or green tones still closed. If you are inside the House, can perfect a little more makeup, leaving her more dramatic with the hazy eyes.

Dramatic eye step by step

Do a makeup done right takes patience and practice. If you wish to bet on a more dramatic, with the eyes well marked, the ideal is to begin to get well before or first train a few days before the event. Follow this step by step for dramatic eye in order not to err in makeup:

  1. Apply a shadow color light brown in the concave of the eyes (between the mobile eyelid and fixed) and then, with the help of a brush “ponytail”, suitable for merging, spread the shadow in the region leaving the look as natural as possible.
  2. Put a shimmery shadow between the eyebrow and the concave.
  3. With the help of the sponge brush, go depositing black shadow in the mobile eyelid until it becomes very dark.
  4. Blow the limit of shadow, leading to the concave of mild form and with a lot of patience. The goal is that there are no boundaries between a shade and another.
  5. Now, you can apply a glitter in the color that you want on top of the black shadow. Put a small amount since the eyes are well.
  6. In the inside corner of the eye, apply a shadow of shimmering color or pigment illuminator.


In the end, simply apply the mask of cilia and the eyeliner close to them, both at the top and bottom. If you wish, before moving to shadow, you can apply a shadow Fixer or the correction to help the shadow last longer and more intensely.