Makeup Perfect New Years Eve 2012

We’re back speaking of the look for the biggest night of the year, that of 31 December. After having shown the possible look for your hair, it is now the turn of the best makeup for new year’s Eve, beginning obviously from the eyes, to be seductive, charming and brilliant.

So here is a series of tricks for a new year’s makeup to envy!

For starters, a truly timeless makeup for your eyes is undoubtedly the Smokey eyes, which relies heavily on dark shades, and which can be embellished with Swarovski crystals applied to the corners of the eyes, which will make bright, garish and classy look.

For this type of makeup, it would be preferable to leave the lips of your natural color, perhaps by applying only a simple lip gloss, to avoid overloading your makeup.

Alternatively, you could choose a makeup eyes bright with silver and gold colors, applied with the technique of the gradient, so that your eye doesn’t appear too burdened. You could also introduce other touches of color, such as blue or pale pink, while if you opt for the gold, you could apply a line of dark green on the upper rhyme (or even lower) getting a really stunning effect.

You want to look even more seductive than ever? Then for new year’s Eve why not try a fine trick light purple, a color always very chic?

In short, make up ideas for new year’s Eve there are truly many, so you don’t have to do is choose the one that’s right for you among the many that we have proposed in our photo gallery!