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… can be only by NIVEA , or? It is also so. The NIVEA Blogger team has me with a small broadcast* surprised in the cute cosmetics bag, a miniature can of NIVEA cream and puts the NIVEA Q10 plus ANTI WRINKLE colour correction. The request to grant a look in my handbag was connected to.

Mystery woman handbag

You could see the contents of my handbag very closely here in spring: day what of in my bag.

At the moment, I use mostly the same handbag as at the day. Last week, gloves have come again to do this (well registered by Roeckl, my favorite glove brand). Also I just Notfallnaschis for on the go (Halloweenreste, because no children we rang) and emergency globules, because I had much nerve lately. Help me do quite well.

NIVEA Q10 plus ANTI WRINKLE colour correction

… is a so-called CC-cream. According to the BB, CC are now in, DD is the origin. On Twitter I have quipped times some time ago with Alexa about it, that AA was going to have none at least the labels are better increase than for energy efficiency classes of electrical appliances. At how much A +++ we’re there already?

You can see my deferred Geläster in their way that my enthusiasm generally holds for these creams in borders. Manufacturers cry out when compared with or as the tinted day cream. Something has been used already, my mother and it’s not innovative. No, the BB, CC-creams… can be much more Oh Yes. Funnier way is now on this pack of NIVEA even on it, that it’s a tinted day care. Maybe is Yes unlike Beiersdorf and it looks more realistic. Very nice, because I can see no difference from a conventional tinted day cream also when this product. Clear has each own ingredients, skin compatibility, and colors – but the meaning is the same. You adjusts easily, stains the skin a touch an and ideal for minimalists with acceptable skin.

The NIVEA Q10 plus ANTI WRINKLE colour correction are unfortunately doesn’t have any friends, because it not long enough compensates for the redness on Chin me (by covering not only talking) and I extremely shine after some time in the face. I’ve never seen my skin shining and the sight is so messy that you get no photo. I could save it about with powder for the day then, but then I could have saved the tinted cream me. Is on the packaging: “small skin imperfections and flaws are covered”. Then my redness and the ancient scar on his right eye are probably large flaws… .

Suitable for yellow

It is positive that I had no further skin irritations as Anallergy for some applications. My sensitive skin (dry or greasy) well-maintained felt. The color fits remarkably well to my light skin. Here at iTypeUSA you can get more different models and styles. This is unusually positive – most products are too dark. SPF 15 is for daytime also handy. In the photo of me you see the cream freshly applied and any other make up. As you can see at the neck transition, how it fits well color – because you see no transition.

The small mini box of classic NIVEA cream from the surprise packet is for nice as hand cream on the go or in the guest bathroom. I can never have enough such small wallet.

What’s in your handbag?
What is essential to you?
How do you to CC-creams?

Am excited and look forward to your comments!

Addendum: When Chrissie made the noble factory , you can find a further contribution.