Makeup for Your Day

10 simple steps outlined to achieve your makeup sophisticated and bright-colored mimosa!

You’ve already made ​​arrangements with her ​​friends, the dinner is fixed, l ‘outfit is decided, but would like to make up something new… Would you like to try something different and sophisticated? If you’re looking for inspiration for your makeup to show off on the day of Women’s Day, here’s our proposal made ​​with the make up artist Daniela Rotaru: experienced makeup in shades of yellow!

I must-have

  1. Illuminating Primer
    2.Concealer and foundation
    3. Powder
    4. Eye shadow beige / orange
    5. Yellow eye shadow
    6. Eyeliner
    7. Mascara
    8. Blush fishing
    9. nude lipgloss
  2. Cover any blemishes with concealer.
  3. Proceed with the foundation to standardize the base and achieve an effect porcelain skin.
  4. Fasten with a face powder transparent powder.
  1. Roll out the ‘white eye shadow on the entire eyelid.
  2. Roll out the ‘yellow eye shadow over the previous year. Thanks to the step 4, the result will be intensified and further accentuate the brightness of the eye.
    6. Stendente the ‘eye shadow in the darkest tone and highlighted the shadow in the crease between fixed and mobile eyelid. Pour very well. This step will give depth to the look and magnetism.
  1. Draw a line eyeliner black.
  2. Apply mascara on both the upper lashes, that of the lower ones.
    9. Apply a blush in natural tones: if you have chosen your darker eye shadow in warm tones of orange, choose a blush in warm colors, or opt for a veil of bronzer.
    10. Choose a gloss peach, from the lacquered finish. Alternatively, you can opt for a slightly colored cocoa butter, you can reapply during your evening.

Your make-up is finished and now you just need to go and have fun with your friends!