Makeup For the FIFA World Cup

The World Cup is coming, with that many women are already planning their makeup, nails and accessories to form a beautiful and you don’t stay out of this, the woman brought a great tutorial showing how to make a beautiful makeup for the 2014 World Cup inspired by the colors of the brazilian flag, check out below.

Makeup for the 2014 FIFA World Cup:

Step by step:

1-Prepare the skin, pass a primer or white concealer on all the mobile eyelid, a Fund for the shadow to be more intense.

2-With a natural bristle brush (because it is more tender) apply the opaque blue shadow in almost all the mobile eyelid, leaving only a piece of the inside corner without depositing color. The colors shown are found in the makeup of the following figure:

3-in the part in which you did not apply the blue, on the inside corner, pass the yellow shadow, vanishing what fell in part under the eyes.

4-With a shadow dark brown (almost black) vanish in the concave, also making an outline with the same color on top of the blue edge. The darkest part will be at the outer corner, hardly Brown going to the inside corner.

5-a white shadow or light below the eyebrows, to give an emphasis on makeup.

6-With a brush beveled (very thin) and the primer make the contour of the lower lashes (like pass a pencil).

7-on the boundary of the lower lashes (where you applied the primer) outline with a green shade (like a pencil) and on the inside corner bottom let the yellow.

8-Pass a black pencil and outline the eyes with a “lean-to” with a gel eyeliner (Types of Eyeliners:

9-Pass the mask of eyelashes One by One from Maybelline, also if you want to place the false eyelashes (if you doubt how to put, just click over the phrase “false eyelashes” in blue), the blush and lipstick is your criterion.

Ready! Your makeup for the 2014 FIFA World Cup will look like this:

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