Makeup for Halloween-Tips and Videos

Halloween here in Brazil is known as Halloween, and is nothing more than a traditional and cultural data. Is of English origin occurs in countries like the United States, Canada, Ireland, and United Kingdom. The event source who Celtic peoples celebrations, q is celebrated with great festivities, characterizations and many people in costume. Here in Brazil, the tradition is not carried out to the letter, but always happens a celebration where the parties are fantasy. And you take your characterization, fantasy, here’s how to make beautiful makeup for Halloween and see some tips.

Makeup Tips for Halloween

As here in Brazil, Halloween is not taken as seriously as in other countries, we don’t have many traditions, but always appears a party here and there. Most often, this kind of party is the character or the fantasy, it’s times like these that are the imagination has to work a lot, after all everyone wants to raze on creativity and originality.

With that, here are some tips on how to make a makeup for Halloween awesome.

If you chose a character to inspire is easier, because you will have a good base for your makeup and/or.

If you do not want to characterize, but want something that makes allusion and at the same time stay beautiful and powerful, bet on bold colors such as black, purple, and orange, which are the face of Halloween

The eyelashes and eyebrows are very important in a makeup of expression, therefore, work in a well marked and arched eyebrow, and the large and dark eyelashes.

If you want to look good, look ridiculous references, and try to follow the makeup well true.


Check out the following videos with step by step inspiring makeup for Halloween.

Learn how to do the makeup of a powerful villain with the step by step of Lu Ferraes.

Here’s how to make a makeup inspired by Tiffany, Chuck’s fiancee, with a step by step made by makeup artist Renata Monteiro.

Learn how to make a beautiful makeup of Maleficent, see how simple it is, is the Saman step-by-step makeup.