Makeup For Christmas and New Year

The holidays are coming, so it’s time to learn two makeup perfect for Christmas and new year.

Makeup-End of Year

Christmas makeup

The first makeup is “Mama Castilhos” and is perfect for the celebration of Christmas.

  1. Apply the primer on the whole face;
  2. Apply a cream pré-maquiagem (primer) in areas that have the most dilated pores of the face;
  3. With a brush, apply the base your preference on the whole face;
  4. Apply concealer on eyes to cover dark circles and all the little imperfections;
  5. Apply the concealer is also at the center of the nose and the “T”;
  6. Apply translucent powder under your eyes and “T”;
  7. Apply compact powder in the rest of the face with the help of a brush;
  8. Make the outline of the face (below the apples, on the sides of the nose and forehead side) with a bronzer;
  9. With a small brush to do the correction of eyebrows;
  10. Apply shadow primer on mobile eyelid;
  11. To deepen the concave, use an orange brown shade;
  12. A bright Golden shade should be applied on mobile eyelid, apply with brush Pat;
  13. Above the Golden Shadow apply over shadow primer;
  14. Once the primer is applied deposits a golden shadow in glitter on mobile eyelid;
  15. Use the silver shadow to brighten up the inside corner of the eyelid;
  16. Use a brown eye pencil to outline the waterline and the lower lashes;
  17. Please outlined with a black eyeliner;
  18. Apply mask of Cilia, both in the upper lashes as in below;
  19. Now, to give a final touch to the eyes, apply false eyelashes;
  20. Use IR Illuminators in the area below the eyebrows;
  21. Apply the blush best suited to your skin tone, a tone of pink;
  22. Apply the Illuminator in the area above the cheekbones;
  23. Choose a lipstick in Bordeaux and use it to the full extent of the lips;
  24. Now apply a shade of red more alive just at the center of the lips, to give the gradient effect.

This was one of the options of makeup for the holidays, now let’s show new year’s Eve.

New Year Makeup

To make the make of new year, the tip of the time is this production level of incr “Jana Sabrina”. This maquiagem focuses on eyes and bets in natural tones for the rest of the face.

  1. Start preparing the skin with base and primer as it does normally;
  2. After preparing the skin’s time to make your eyebrow. Make the fix with a shadow or approximate the color pencil eyebrow;
  3. Line the bottom with a white eye pencil, to enhance the natural eyebrow design;
  4. Use a brush and white shadow for merging the stroke below the eyebrow;
  5. For the eyes mix shades Brown and wine, you’ll get a tone between the two. Start applying the shadow by concave with a blending brush;
  6. After merging every eye apply some more color in the corner of the eyes (in the same corner that is usually delineated), to give more depth.
  7. Use a beveled brush to apply the shadow wine to the full extent of the lower lashes;
  8. Apply a fixative of glitter on mobile eyelid and above it the white shadow that was previously used as an illuminator;
  9. Apply glitter clamp again and deposit a gold glitter in the mobile eyelid that lit up;
  10. Use the black pencil to make the base of the outlined on mobile eyelid and eyelash lower line;
  11. After outlining the basis of sketchy pencils vanish;
  12. Now, with the black eyeliner make the outlined “lean-to” in medium size;
  13. Ensure full attention to your eyes by applying false eyelashes;
  14. For the blush bet on in the shade of Brown that more fit to your skin;
  15. In a tone more nude and creamy.

Now that you’ve learned how to do makeup for Christmas and new year, it’s just ‘ like ‘ the end of the year.