Makeup for Black Skin-Tips

What kind of woman resists a makeup well feitinha that only enhance your beauty? But it is very important to choose the right makeup for your skin type, tone. Because rather than emphasize your beauty, it will only draw attention to points that obviously you don’t want to show. Black skin requires care, because there is many shades of skin, the makeup vary a little, especially in the preparation of the skin before the rest. With this we will see some tips for preparing for black skin, the best makeup for you work always, and without th e submit in makeup.

Makeup tips for black skin

Many women have a lot of questions of how to prepare the skin without leaving to stay with a very different tone of your skin tone and with a greyish effect. The choice of the base, powder, illuminator is a complicated choice, but then we will see some tips on how to choose the best for your skin.

Skin: it is very difficult and almost impossible to find a foundation that matches your skin tone to, but there are some tricks that can help you choose the best for your skin, if you note the tips:

When buying the base, concealer or powder, test yourself in the face, after all the tom hand, arm, neck, will never be equal to the face. The result of the makeup has to be the following: the base have to just disappear, the correction has to cover imperfections and dust have to give that natural effect, invisible.

Test makeup in natural light is very important, you will be able to see this result only in daylight

You have to test the durability too.

Never, under any circumstances, buy by influence of someone, always test before buying.

Buy two or three different tones for the tone of the makeup to your skin’s approach is extremely normal. Make the mixture of tones will make you get perfect skin.

On choice of basis, opt for one that has the tone of your skin when spread. To never make a mistake in choosing the base, choose the yellowish background, as they neutralize the reddish skin tones, and will not let the gray effect.

Concealer, always choose a lighter tone, only a tone is necessary, if you feel insecure with the choice, prefer the tone of your skin. Not to miss in the perfect concealer, prefer the pink background.

For those who do not give up a good illuminator, choose which has gold background, because it will give a more natural effect.

Keep a sharp eye on oil-based products, stay away from them, and titanium dioxide, and for oily skins run compact bases or bat.

Mineral products are the best options in this case.