Lush Cosmetics Easter 2015

Looking for a gift idea for a different Easter from the usual chocolate egg? Here scented alternatives from Lush, but beware: you do not eat!

A colorful Easter, brilliant and undoubtedly smelling is LUSH license plate with its new proposals in limited edition.

The watchwords are color and good humor, and so, with these Easter novelties that ethical brand of British origin of fresh cosmetics brings a breath of color and scented novelty.

Pot O’ Gold gelatina da doccia

For a cascade of golden light that is needed is a fragrant and luxurious shower sprinkle gelatin over the body for a soft skin and bright as gold. Enriched with orange oil, myrrh, and fresh pineapple juice and a rich and sweet vanilla essential oil, Pot O ‘Gold is capable of giving a pleasant feeling of well being and of course perfumed. (from € 6.50)

Columbus Gold bath bomb

It is not just a golden nugget formulated to give a glowing skin, soft and delicately scented honey, but it is also full of fair trade cocoa butter. The Columbus Gold will make the skin glow throughout the Easter week and beyond, thanks to its soft outer layer of pampering bath and a bath bomb core for an unforgettable experience. (5.95 €)

Hoppity Poppity bomba da bagno

What’s better than a nice sparkling bunny for a bath full of energy and good humor? This bath bomb is ideal to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation and enjoyment. Hoppity Poppity will transform the bathroom carefree experience, to do the full of energy, vitality and enthusiasm. (5.50 €)

Fantasy bath bomb

Lie ahead of the bathrooms in the name of sweetness with this bomb pink bath the cotton candy scent. The romantic fantasy is to be proposed by LUSH bath bomb that envelop Easter with sweetness thanks to its irresistible aroma of cotton candy. (4.95 €)

What a surprise!!! bath bomb

An Easter egg with adjoining surprise to all the effects, but in the form of a bath bomb to discover! In fact, this bath bomb, once dissolved, it will unveil a second smaller shape of adorable chick or cute bunny. Available in yellow or pink version. (€ 10.50)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow sapone

A piece of rainbow to chase away the bad thoughts. An invigorating and fragrant blend of rose absolute, Sicilian mandarin and neroli oils ideal for stimulating the good mood, the carefree and filled with energy. (from € 6.50).

White Rabbit soap

An invigorating and refreshing soap to bring good humor in all circumstances.
Irresistible with its fragrance of tropical fruit juice enriched with essential oils of bergamot, to tone, and Sicilian lemon to stimulate cheerfulness and happiness. Thanks to the action moisturizing carrot seed oil and the emollient cocoa butter fair trade, White Rabbit will give a soft charge and energy. (5.95 €).

Rainbow Bright

And rainbow is! A colored gift box and energetic that contains an actual piece of the rainbow to wash away all the bad thoughts and a bright golden gel to give a good mood and vitality. ( Contains soap Somewhere Over The Rainbow and jelly shower Pot O’Gold.  € 16.50).

Funny Bunny

What hides the cute bunny!
A cute bunny that will make pleasant and fragrant moments in the shower. Ideal for small children and adults who still feel children. The ideal gift to prepare for a sunny day or a refreshing shower during the Easter holidays! ( Contains White Rabbit soap, green FUN, Whoosh shower gel, Grass shower gel. € 28.50).