Luggage Travel & Enamels Risque-Collection

Risque is a brazilian company that produces and sells about glazes of Nail Polish 7 million per month. The success of the brand is absolute in all Brazil, with one of its colors, which is the income, passes all the national and international brands in a matter of preference, and is also the most copied color. It is also one of the oldest Polish marks in national territory, today has more than 75 years. Today the company is owned by Hypermarcas, was acquired by the group in the year 2008. As well as the other brands, also launched your new collection Risque, see below for more information about the collection Luggage & Travel Risque.

Collection Glazes Risque Travel & Luggage

Risque as many other brands and brands wasted no time and released your collection of spring/summer 2015. The Luggage collection is inspired in some Travel & travel destinations, and brought a lot of fun names for each enamel.

Colors were inspired by each of the destinations, meet the new glazes Risque.

Well, Lisbon: is a blue color of the tiles that we can find in Lisbon, is creamy and metallic. “Don’t mix apples and oranges, blue Portuguese tiles won a metallized retelling.” Ciao Milan: is a color of Earth more pulled into the coral. “Mamma Mia, that earthy amazing.” I S2 NY: is a purple grape. ” Oh my God! This wine deserves a toast! ” Are Baba, India: is a gray pulled into the purple. “Is gray? Is violet? It’s all at the same time. Atcha! Atcha! Atcha! ” The river Remains Beautiful: it’s a nude. ” Beautiful and full of grace, this nude rocks goes! ” Viva Mexico!: it’s a strong and vibrant orange. “Arriba! Arriba! A Spicy Orange and joyful to celebrate life. ”