Lotus Flower Tattoo

If your will is to get a tattoo full of style, personality, meaning and femininity, there is a drawing that can be the representation of all this and a lot of beauty.

The lotus flower is a symbol widely used for tattoos, and can be marked on the skin with different strokes and colors, according to your taste and your own idea about it.

In nature, the lotus flower is a natural aquatic plant in Asia, famous for its use as an ornament and for its longevity – did you know that its seeds can germinate for up to 13 centuries?

The incredible aesthetic of the lotus flower, full of petals and mysticism, has already inspired even the architecture of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, located in Dubai. Here’s how to make the magic of this flower a beautiful mark on your body.

The meaning of lotus flower

The lotus flower is related, above all, to life. Because it is a flower that is born from the mud, the marsh, it also symbolizes the overcoming, the strength, the ability to go through the difficulties and see the positive side of the situation. In Buddhism, it is also associated with the purity and awakening of spirituality, by being born perfectly from an unexpected place.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Where to tattoo the drawing?

According to tattoo artist Alexandre Wildmann, there is no specific body location for tattooing the lotus flower.

“The best space to tattoo any type of design, regardless of what it is, is that it has a good aesthetic and value the area of ​​the body. An aesthetically perfect design can be beautiful without sticking to the image,” he explains.

The dermatologist Gabriel Ferreira of Kauai Studio also believes that it does not matter where the body is, but rather that the tattoo is made with a lot of competence: “There is no better place to tattoo a tattoo, but the artist’s sensitivity and make it fit and flow with the body of each one.Therefore it is always worth the advice: look for a good tattoo artist, get to know his works, know the studio and the place where he works.This is a determining factor for you to have a beautiful and tasteful job that you will want to show for everyone. ”

See gorgeous examples of lotus flower tattoos

The following pictures show various ways to represent the lotus flower, helping in the inspiration for your tattoo. But the most important thing is to remember that because it is super personal, each one has its interpretation about this symbol and each tattoo artist can work on the drawing freely.

There is no doubt that the lotus flower is a sensitive representation of life. Whether simple or full of details, a tattoo with this design is always a great and beautiful choice.

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