Look of the Day + New Hair

Good Morning Divas!

All right with you?

Well …. After much thought I decided to change and be blonde again. Those who know me for some time know that I was once something very embarrassing , almost like a Golden Lion Tamarin, and the worst thing is that at the time I was so pussy was like egg hair you know?!lol

So, since I took mind stayed in more nice and didn’t get out of there. When I wanted to be different, did those California Wicks just at the tips and such.

Just came a time when the California weren’t pleasing me ( gluttonous!) and came that sudden urge to “enloirar”. There epic on Auntie here and decided to do something radical, but I wanted something that didn’t make me have to touch up month-to-month type you know?? My initial idea was a darker background with a light well the fuses there Aida Ships! But my hairdresser got carried away and left me kind of Cléo Pires inspired.

At first I thought you were coming back the origins (Golden Lion Tamarin part 2), but now I’m starting to get used to it! And you what do you think??? I can start seek Ziah or is it better to spend the already ink??? lol

As for the look, who lives here in ES knows that it’s just raining a bit so we go taking the leathers, boots and scarves out of the closet. Unfortunately our winter here is very weak so it same pieces like fur coat (always FAKE OK?!), scarves and overcoats are almost impossible to use. But until we try! RS

BTW, I took it rained a little bit and I arranged this eco-diva leather pants with my black coat of paet and loved the result!

And then girls …. They liked the Look???

The C & made a super coat similar to that in the collection of Isabella Giobbi and until yesterday I was still here at the Mall who want to Win Pan runs there. RS

And the new hair … Approved???