Long Lasting Lipsticks Makeup Tips

Soft and long-lasting texture: they are long-lasting lipsticks, valuable allies of the make up of a woman, infallible weapon of seduction that does not need to greater turnover.

The long-lasting lipstick is an essential beauty accessory and absolutely irreplaceable, is the infallible weapon of seduction of a woman. Inevitable star of the beauty case, owes its success to its super soft texture and, above all, to its durability.

Without the need for constant tweaks allow you to show off her lips in the foreground throughout the day, so it’s perfect for women who are always in a hurry but still wants to make up. It can be used alone, with a bright lip gloss if you until evening, or with the help of a specific fixer. In any case the effect is always the same: perfect, flawless and long-lasting.

A perfect product for everyday and especially for Valentine’s Day. Yes, because February is approaching and with it the feast of love, and we are confident that, like every year, you are the perfect make-up research with one goal: to be flawless in front of your him with a make up breathtakingly and which does not require continuous lodging during the arc of your special day.

Come si usano i long lasting

The long-lasting lipsticks are used as normal lipsticks, the only trick to keep in mind is that, compared to the latter, they have a much more full-bodied texture and compact so it is well moisturize your lips before application. Our advice is to make a scrub to remove dry cuticles and any very unsightly. Alternatively, the scrub, the ideal solution is the gloss or a simple lip balm.

At this point-ahead to your favorite lipstick to roll out perhaps with a small brush, this will make the task really easier and more uniform result. Also, if you splurge more bright and shiny lips opts for formulations in gloss, composed of a classic lipstick long lasting longer a transparent gloss. One produced by the double: moisturizes the lips and illuminates for a smile that certainly does not go unnoticed.

The long-lasting perfect for Valentine’s Day

The lovers’ festival is getting closer, so you must know as of now what is the make up just to show off and, above all, what it is the most glamorous lipstick for kissable lips until evening.

Forget the autumn colors and metallic shades of last season, Valentine’s Day is in red! So go-ahead to long-lasting lipsticks in all its nuances: fire red, burgundy or marsala elected by Pantone color of the year 2015. If yours is a more sober and simple look opt for pastel shades or the nude , for be delicate, elegant and very refined.

For a mouth perfectly made ​​up for all day testing the new long-lasting lipsticks signed Essence from light and creamy texture for super soft lips and hydrated; you can choose from many colors depending on your style: pink, fuchsia, deep red or nude.

Even the cosmetics company Deborah Milano has launched Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick new lipsticks long-lasting matte finish for a much more homogeneous color. These are equipped with lipstick moisturizing clear gloss to gloss effect that leaves the lips and shiny satin and, in addition, also gives volume. Moreover, the presence of applicator brush makes this a unique product.

Another highlight is the new proposal Rimmel that, in collaboration with the top super model Kate Moss , has launched a new line of cosmetics including lipsticks are a wide range of long lasting as Apocalips and Provocalips for hold up to 16 hours without retouching.Other cosmetics company to keep in mind is Pupa which launched the new lipstick Pupa Miss Velvet Matt, available in 16 different colors. Its super creamy texture gives the lips a smooth feel till evening.

Perfect for your make up to Valentine’s Day are the new long-lasting lipsticks Kiko with head life of up to 8 hours. Unlimited neon makeup is available in 14 colors is characterized by Findjobdescriptions to finish and a creamy texture that leaves lips soft and smooth.

Interesting proposals also coming from haute couture. Dior Rouge Balm in 14 shades, from pink to red through brown up to the nude color. It is long lasting lipsticks characterized by the presence of natural substances that improve the hydration for soft, plumped lips.

Must try for Valentine’s Day are the new lipstick signed Estée Lauder technology with True Vision which provides yield and held at the highest level. Perfetti also signed a long-lasting lipstick Benefit and Shiseido: Full Finish Lipstick by Benefit and Perfect Rouge Shiseido, long-lasting lipsticks by super creamy texture that wraps her lips until evening.

Obviously when it comes to high fashion you can not help but Chanel. For Valentine’s evening we suggest lipstick Rouge Coco Shine , available in 18 shades. It is a semi-transparent lipstick, bright, creamy but, above all, long lasting that will give you soft and perfectly made ​​up lips up to 8 hours.

So, for your Valentine glamorous and super trendy you just have to choose your favorite lipstick, one that reflects your style and your way of being really perfect lips, all to kiss!