Long Hairstyles Guide for Girls

Stoves the usual ponytail? That’s a lot of new hairstyles for long hair according to the trend Fall 2015!

Stoves the usual ponytail? If you have long hair and try new ideas for hairstyles a little ‘different from the usual, in this article you will find so many hair long hairstyles for fall 2015!

Crop, crop seeds, hairstyles with braids and hairstyles for smooth, moves and curly. Be inspired by the beautiful pictures and the hair look that we have chosen for you!


One of the advantages of long hair is the endless possibility of creating hairstyles original, perhaps adding accessories in pendant with our outfits: clothes pins of different shapes, colored rubber bands, headbands, or a strap like the one worn by the model. A thin golden thread, which fits with the reflections of the foliage, and a band of white and turquoise beads. This crop is extremely simple to implement: wear the strap and insert inside your hair, strand by strand, going to collect all the hair and conceal the elastic band.

Fast and practical hairstyle for girls by hair naturally wavy, while a little ‘more laborious for the smooth which will slightly curl the strands in order to achieve the same effect. Here at Listofusnewspapers you can get more different models and styles.

Harvest simple embellished with a circle decorated. A look dedicated to smooth, with a lateral tuft that frames the face and a maxi cotonatura nape for a rounded effect.

If your hair is not sufficiently bulky help yourself with a donut for chignon, an accessory which can be found in perfumeries or in major retail chains and accessories such as H & M.


Another alternative to obtain the original hairstyle is the seed crop, namely hair done at the top of the head and generally loose on the neck, as the one worn by the model: waves to similar outlined torchon that are interrupted to leave space to the natural hair.

To recreate these small waves enough the hairpins and a generous splash oflacquer hair. If you want torchon more defined you can curl the strands of their own hands, or get help from the accessory automatically BaByliss Twist Secret designed specifically to make braids and torchon.

If you have wavy hair and want to bring out your natural waves, you can opt for this hairstyle super massive freeing her hair in the middle, while blocking the rest of the hair on the nape, almost forming a long, soft tail of horse.

Tight hanks  attached to the head and voluminous curls at the nape in contrast to the fringe full and smooth. Hairstyle unique, made ​​even more remarkable by the dyed-blond tending to gray, in perfect harmony with the hair fashion in 2015.


Are many hairstyles that we can achieve with our hair and, among many others, there are some more suited to our type of hair because they can exploit them.

For example, girls with straight hair usually seek more and more volume to their hair, so they must opt for hairstyles that do not flatten the hair, such as this low tail fluffy on the back of the head, which wraps around the back of his head in an orderly manner and impeccable. Very cool!

Straight hair spaghetti ? Do not despair, we have ideas for you too. Have you ever thought of thin braids attached to the boss? Side or central, straight or diagonal, choose the combination that you like!


For curly hair instead propose a lateral collected, each individual strands separate from the other ending in a big tuft combed to the side. Hairstyle very rock and massive thanks to the ripples of curls.

A little ‘over the top this  hairstyle super fluffy playing with the contrast of colorbetween very dark roots and lengths light blond. Select where you direct the hair bouffant stopping strands with hairpins of the same color of your hair.

Much more portable this hairstyle curly hair. Hair with natural crease, without using dryer or plates, have laterally and perhaps embellished by a fine braid.


Are many hairstyles that we can achieve with the help of a braid, because there are so many varieties: a circle, cascade, 5 strands, French, herringbone, butterfly.. and many more! We have selected the best hairstyles with braids prettier, to recreate at home for everyday or for a special occasion, perfect for the fall season.

One worn by the model is a braid headband knotted: weave your hair, starting at the side of the face and creating many small and then join the braid to a low bun.

Deliberately broken and disordered this braid attached to the head which ends laterally on the shoulder. An ideal solution also for girls less practical because it requires no particular precision, on the contrary, the tufts rebels give character to the entire look.

How to achieve it? If you also want to try this hairstyle show you a tutorial in which our Lorenza explains step by step how to create this French braid.

Super stylish and became also part of the hair trends autumn 2015. Here the famous braid to  plug  fish now become a must among celebrities.

Finally a hairstyle romantic, a braid attached to the head which is spread over the entire head of hair. This princely hairstyle is perfect for a wedding, especially if enhanced by an accessory for hair like this clip bright.


Obviously our guidelines do not stop there! There are still many hairstyles long to be discovered in our photo gallery entirely dedicated to fashion Hair Fall 2015.

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If you have found the perfect hairstyle, but you are still confused about which cut is best suited to your full head of hair, take a look at new trends long haircuts Fall 2015.

Have you fallen in love with some hairstyle? In the comments and chat together on new trends of the autumn season!