Lipsticks Impala Maximum Coverage-Collection And Where To Buy

Impala is a brand that belongs to the company name in national territory, Mundial Personal Care. As the name of the company, produces products people care. The Impala by itself is well known for the nails care products, like acetone Nail Polish and the like. However recently launched a line of makeup, where we can find skin care products, face and lips among others. Among the products launched in makeup line of Impala, which already spend of 100, are the lipsticks. In the area of products for lips’s latest collection, the Impala maximum coverage, with some of the most used colours at the moment. See below for more information on this collection of lipsticks Impala, see colors and where to find it.

Collection Lipsticks Impala

Maximum coverage

Impala has a makeup line with more than 100 products, among them are the lipsticks. Altogether there are 10 colors divided into two categories, the matte effect and glitter effect.

As lipsticks in matte effect, which is that more dry and velvety are more bullish, 15 colors where most are matte and glitter effect are a minority, they are:

Nude; Classic Peach; Classic Rose; Old Rose; Rosa Burned Classic; Classic Coffee; Wine; Classic Red; Carmine; Pink; Guava; Orange; Magenta; Reddish Pink; Grape.

Maximum bet Collection collection in classic colors and dark in the nude and the colors that are on the rise as the purple.

Lipsticks prices may differ a lot of sites, but can be found in perfumeries and pharmacies of all Brazil, as well as other products of the brand.