Link between Makeup and Menopause

Cosmetic alarm: a scientific research shows a correlation between the products of poor quality trade and the advance of menopause in women.

When you buy cosmetics, the focus on the components is always so.
We care, in fact, that does not spoil the skin, that are not toxic, we do not allergy.
It seems, according to recent studies, that we worry also another factor: the fact that anticipate menopause.
it may seem strange, but one of the study from Washington University in St. Louis has shown that the use of cosmetics containing pollutants can really anticipate the arrival of menopause in women.
a real wake up call for the female universe and its routine.

The cosmetics that anticipate menopause

The study conducted at Washington University, directed by Act-Test-Centers, he checked a sample of 31,500 women over a period of nine years, from 1999 to 2008.
For each woman were made ​​every two years, questions about their health and their well-being through a questionnaire and analyzed urine and blood to check for pollutants such as pesticides and phthalates that can be found in cosmetics and synthetic fragrances and of poor quality. Based on the analysis has been highlighted a correlation between the entry into menopause and the presence of these substances.
It appears that women who had a higher percentage of pollutants, they go through menopause between 1.9 and 3.8 years first, that they had a six times higher probability of having an early menopause.
it has not been shown anything sharply, but this figure gives a clear signal of how the environment affects our health.

How to avoid early menopause?

How to prevent these products interfere with the female ovarian cycle? Dr. Amber Cooper says that the only really effective way is to reduce the use of “synthetic” perfume and cosmetic chemicals, preferring those organic and natural, to reduce harmful chemicals-well 111!-That come into contact with our skin.
it would also be preferable to choose cosmetics in glass jars rather than plastic.
there is still no definite proof, but this correlation is a wake up call to all women who would seriously call into question their relationship with cosmetics used every day.
Unfortunately we come in contact with these substances continuously, with the water, the food, which is why it is important to try to prevent further pollution source really harmful for our body.