Lights in the Dark Brown Hair: Inspiring Images

It is much simpler to give locks or lights in your hair when they already have a lighter tone. The strands are mixed and are perfectly natural. But for those who have darker, the care in choosing the colour of lights should be done well thought-out and with an expert.

The Wicks are very high and they usually appear in the hair of women, especially during the summer. In addition, at some point it is important to change the look, feel more beautiful and attractive, play a bit with the hair and dare more.

Learn How to make lights in dark-skinned women.

Tips for dark brown hair

Who has hair of dark tone must be careful in choosing the tone of mecha. Woody colours look great in that hair type. The amount of wires that will be painted is also important. In this way, it is ideal to start with fine tresses and more delicate or in the case of light, have the stylist do not pull so many wires.


It’s not just hair color that must be taken into account. The skin tone is very important and if you get a very big contrast can leave the visual quite aggressive and even older. Most Golden colors look great in Brown and black, drab white women should choose darker colors.

Types of techniques that can be used

Ombré Hair

The Ombré is an excellent option to give an “up” the most dark hair. This technique tends to use more like tones hair color giving a gradient effect in. The contrast between the root and is much less giving naturalness to hair, as if those colors were already there forever.


Locks marked

This type of technique, which is not so famous when the Ombré Hair can offer the sense of depth to the beholder. The Wicks marked are excellent for those who want to give more volume to the hair. A caramel tone like that that Kim Kardashian wore in her hair is perfect for those with dark brown locks.



There are many people who think that the only good for California blond hair. If you find a professional, even if I have dark brown hair, you can have a perfect effect. This technique is not the best option for those who want to change their hair gradually, gradually. The California create a great contrast between the root and the ends of the hair.