Learn the Difference between Gel, Mousse and Finalizer

When we are getting ready for an event, the hair is key player in look and nothing better than a good hairstyle to enhance the visual. Even on a daily basis, you can leave your hair with a more simple, but well groomed. For that we can count on the help of finalizers capillaries.

To make the most perfect hair, these products are essential. For example, the straight hair suffers to be able to do a curl in the hair and in a short time, he falls apart. Use the appropriate finisher can make this bunch last all night. In addition, they are used for other things: create volume, fix your style and arrange the wires that sometimes are full of frizz.

In addition to these, there are other types of finalizers on the market with many different functions, some even accumulate more than one function. A very type used is the leave-in. They are excellent when it comes to define the format of the wires, be they straight or curly. Type “no rinse” is preferred.

How to use each

You can buy various products and anything will do if you don’t know exactly what each offers and how to use them the right way. There’s also the fact that a product can have more than one function, so you can save buying finalizers more functions and versatile.


This is one of the oldest and most traditional finalizers on the market. Before, it was used only by men, but fell also in taste and in the hair of women. It is used to make each wire in your place. The market offers the most diverse types of gel and they can have variables in the setting, being weak, medium or strong.


How to use

Get some with the fingertips and sprinkle in both hands to distribute the product through. Two things must be taken into account at the time you apply the gel: it is important that the hair is clean and that is also moist to ensure a better fixation. Remember that your hair with gel is not malleable after it dries.


This product has a texture that looks more like a meringue. He is very suitable for styling curls after brushing her hair, babyliss or even try to do model the curls with a flat iron. It also helps keep the hair with greater volume, leaving the more glamorous hairstyle.


How to use

The first thing you need to know in time to apply the mousse is that the hair needs to be moist. If your intention is to set the curls, pour a little of the product in the hands and apply on hair kneading them. You can let them dry naturally or by applying the diffuser. If you want to leave the hair more voluminous, apply the product before the brush, in the middle to the ends.


There are several types of spray and each has a specific function. There is a spray for volume, salt spray to make your hair look like that who is on the brink of the sea, the spray fixative to make tight hairstyles and the shine spray, which as the name implies is to offer greater brightness to the hair, ideal for dry hair or to apply after using the spray which leaves the wires opaque.


For those who like to be always changing a bit the look is essential to have some products of these at home. Especially for those unexpected occasions such as a dinner or a party at short notice when you don’t find a salon open. Just wondering to buy and how to use to invest your money and save well with expensive haircuts in salons.