Learn How to Make Shaded Nails

When we read or hear about in ombré (“shadowed” in French), which comes to mind is the Sets of hair with those slivers lightened in gradient, isn’t it? Yes, but you should know that now Sets ombré also took care of the nails, the ombré call nails or nails shaded, both painting each one with a different tone or blending various shades in a nail, and believe me, both technical, with a very interesting result, so much so that stars such asAlexa Chung, Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad , Beyoncé, Rihanna, among others have already joined, parading your nails fashion up and down.

Techniques to make shaded nails

There are several techniques to do the ombré nails, the simplest of which is that which consists in choosing a color, for example red, and paint each nail a different tone that color, light to dark or vice versa.

For it is only to choose five different glazes, or, better yet, to ensure a gradient well tone yourself create your mixes. Above the beautiful Lauren Conrad with your onbré nails! But how to do? Simple, just get a dark glaze, is go putting white he lightens, but place little by little and go mixing, so the difference is gradual, have to be bit by bit and the eye. Or you can start light and even darker, just grab a white glaze and go dripping the color you want.

But there is a more sophisticated, ombré nails and more fiddly to do, which make gradients nails passing tones in a single nail.

To do this, after painting the whole nail with a glaze, others shades are applied gradually with one or two sponges. Are used two or three shades of Nail Polish, can be with textures, and different kinds of sponge: a similar to cleaning sponges, which is more open, another of which are used for applying makeup, more closed. Here at Localcollegeexplorer.com you can get more different models and styles.

The application technique of enamel with sponge should be made with caution, a lot more tricky to make, after passing the nail enamel normally, pass the other color enamel on more open sponge and apply the nail giving light taps right, then apply the second color of enamel from the tip to the middle of the nail, with careful not to create those lines set , then with the makeup sponge, which is unopened, apply the third color also the tip toward the middle of the nail, finally, it is essential to spend a extrabrilho.

Yes, it’s much more complicated to combine many shades in a nail just the tip, which by the way is beautiful, is appealing to the ombré with glitter. Knowing that the result looks better if you concentrate more glitter on the tip, and less towards the base.

Pass enamel on nail normally, then get a glaze with plenty of glitter, and do a little English girl – the colorful French-very strong, then pass an enamel with glitter with less particles of brightness, painting their nails in the opposite direction, i.e. from the tip to the base, ending with a radiant shine, to leave the nail surface uniform.

Okay, now it’s just parade around your nails super fashion, chic and beautiful!