Latisse, Grow Eyelashes and Appear

That woman never wished to have those eyelashes of envy… long, bent, bulky, that make the look even more attractive and fascinating? In an attempt to win them over anything goes: mascara (mascara muiiiiiiiiito), false eyelashes, to dye and permanent that can be done in beauty salons, but the result is significant.

The great and good news is that we don’t need more women juggle to have eyelashes. The Allergan, the same company that produces Botox, has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for marketing of LATISSE. The active ingredient of this product is the bimatoprost, a compound derived from fatty acids which bind to receptors on the eyelashes and may be involved in the development and growth of hair follicles.

The Allergan uses this ingredient since 2001, in an eye drop that is designed to reduce eye pressure in people with Glaucoma. But, as a side effect, it was observed that your application promotes the growth of new eyelashes together with the increase in length, thickness and darkness of them; making them more bulky, long, thick and dark. From this discovery it was thought in your use in cosmetics, as a product to enhance the beauty of the eyelashes.

The statements before and after are surprising and titillate the will to use it. The results can be noticed in the first 4 weeks of use, intensifying until 16 weeks, when the full results are perceived.But attention girls, there are possible side effects.

In studies, about 4% of people who have used had itching and redness of the eyes. It can also darken the eyelid skin temporarily, according to the company. However, this does not invalidate your quality.

Stay on your guard: the sale is prescription only! The Latisse has not yet arrived in Brazil, in the meantime we get anxious waiting. I’m already in the queue of the dermatologist Dr. Cristina Katayama, and have asked when the news she call me in first mãoooo to be able to disclose here to you guys!!