Latest Trends in Hairstyles

When we think of the chignon, the first thing that comes to mind are the precise and neat hairstyles of ballet dancers, but over the years this hairstyle so elegant and graceful suffered a great evolution.

We brought along the chignon with hair smooth as spaghetti, but then over time we start to experience something new: we preferred the more disheveled buns effect, we began to braid the hair before proceeding with our chignon and we even succumbed to the convenience of half bun .

But the news is not over and there is a new hairstyle that has all it takes to become one of the hottest trends this spring and summer! It’s called double bun and is nothing more than a double chignon hairstyle that was so fashionable in the 90s and that is already sweeping the stars across the world!

Among the largest of the double bun fans are reported celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry who showed off even on social occasions, but also models and fashion blogger that during the last edition of the Coachella festival showed with pride their young chignon!

Make a double bun is not that difficult, the process is the same as the classic chignon and to get a good result you just have your hair the right length!

To have a perfect double can just comb your hair well and divide into two sections. Then do a tail on both sides, cotonare to give more volume, create the bun and secure with hairpins. Easy, right?