Laser Treatment to Combat Wrinkles and Takes Away Stains

The CO2 laser is indicated for the rejuvenation of the skin by fighting wrinkles around the face, neck, arms and hands, and also a great substitute of the chemical peel, since it also takes away blemishes and acne scars.

Laser Treatment to Combat Wrinkles and Takes Away Stains

The number of sessions varies according to the state and the hydration of the skin of the individual and, in some cases it may be necessary 4 to 7 sessions with an interval of one month between them, and the results begin to be seen after the first session.

Indications to do with CO2 laser

Some other indications of the CO2 laser include:

  • Stretch marks new and old;
  • Sagging;
  • Warts;
  • Scars post-surgical;
  • Spots on face, dark circles, xantelasmas, ceratoma.
  • The indication of the performance of this treatment must always be recommended by a dermatologist.

·         How is it treated

  • The treatment is performed in the office, in which applies the laser in the region that if you want to treat. Generally, it applies an anesthetic cream before the treatment and the patient’s eyes are protected.

·         Contraindications of the treatment

  • The CO2 laser is contraindicated for those who have black skin or scars, bulky queloides or too dark. In addition, patients with skin diseases, such as vitiligo, lupus, or herpes in the skin. During the use of certain medications, such as anticoagulants or treatment for the acne also it is not recommended to laser.

Most common complications of the laser treatment

The laser application is painless, but after its application the skin becomes red and swollen, and in about 7 days, there is a desquamation of the entire region treated.

In addition, it increases the chances of having infections and the appearance of some dark spots on the skin.

Recovery after the treatment

After completion of the laser treatment is necessary daily application of creams given by the doctor, and sunscreen with an spf 30, 3 in 3 hours. Additionally, for the duration of the treatment is recommended to not expose to the sun.

Where do the treatment with CO2 laser

This treatment can only be done by physical therapists specialize in aesthetic, plastic surgeons and dermatologists in clinics specializing and the price of each session varies from region.