Julianne Moore Makeup Products

Julianne Moore, the beautiful American actress, a woman of incredible charm and timeless elegance. red hair and porcelain skin, loves makeup sophisticated and natural.

Julianne Moore strong woman, elegant and globetrotter (Scottish mother and military father) and, at the same time, very talented actress. Her beauty secret and the key to getting noticed is to be simple, with a touch of pure refinement.

Famous for her long red hair and porcelain skin, as well as important testimonial L’Oreal Paris, it is the ideal example of the fact that beauty is timeless and can be enhanced even more their mature age.

We sighted the last Golden Globe where he won the title of best actress in the drama Still Alice, Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, based on the novel of the American psychiatrist Lisa Genova.

A truly moving film in which our actress plays the part of a strong and courageous woman fighting to the last moment against his terrible disease and against fate, trying to defend what he loves.

He loves organic cosmetics and make-up that our redhead actress prefers it soft, natural and bon-ton, designed to enhance its particular complexion and her fair complexion, delicate and freckled. If you also have the porcelain skin and want to enhance your face, follow our insider tips to copy the sophisticated look of our Julianne Moore.


First parts of the base and opt for an illuminating fluid foundation, super light texture to even out all the complexion, as Lumi Magique of L’Oreal Paris at http://www.answermba.com/.

Next, apply the cheekbones a touch of light pink blush or peach color, the perfect way to give light to the face and not be too pale. Try the blush light pink Dandelion signed Benefit.


Stretch out a smoothing primer and then, over the entire eyelid, apply a matte eye shadow the same color of your complexion. For the upper eyelid using a dull gray eye shadow and then apply with a brush, from the outside until the middle eye, a black eye shadow. Now it is the turn brown eyeshadow that by continuing to fade, uniformerai to all colors.

With a dark brown pencil, draw a very thin line under the lower lashes while using a butter-colored pencil in internal rhyme, so your eye will be larger and will be able to show off a very magnetic eyes. We recommend the pencil Pupa Multiplay with Smudge and super soft texture. The ultimate chic touch is given by the mascara, strictly black, proof mascara Diorshow by Christian Dior that gives the lashes an incredible volume thanks to maxi applicator.


To place your make up to star on the lips apply a primer that gives uniformity and hydration and, soon after, a nude colored lipstick that gives brilliance and volume, like lipstick Rouge Caresse of L’Oréal, brilliant and super moisturizer for soft lips and sensual all day.

With these simple tips you can wear make-up simple yet chic, elegant and stylish and feel glamorous at every opportunity, such as the wonderful and ethereal Julianne Moore.