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Sprawl? No thanks! The intimrasur becomes self-evident for more and more women. Tips and tricks, so that everything shines smoothly in the bikinizone, there is here!

Wild growing pubic hair in the intimate area are now an absolute no-go for many women. In order to get rid of the annoying hairs or to put into shape, some are reaching for epilators and wax. For most women, however, intimacy is the best choice to curb their pubic hair – not least because shaving is the most cost-effective and fastest method.What are the reasons for an intimate razor and what can be done with the razor in the bikini zone?

Why Intimrasur?

The reasons for an intimrasur are manifold: For example, hygienic sensibilities, the partner’s preference or their own sense of aesthetics speak for an intimrasur. Many women feel the pubic hair during their period as unpleasant and unhygienic, in athletes it can cause friction and the increased perspiration can lead to skin irritation. Other women simply feel unaesthetic when their hair is flashing and they fear that their partner might feel disturbed by the dense hair growth during oral sex.In addition, many women are more sensitive to touching shaved spots.

Advantages and disadvantages of intimate hair removal

The intimrasur not only solves these problems, it offers some advantages compared to other hair removal methods in the intimate area:

It is quickly carried out, inexpensive and basically possible wherever a quiet place can be found – provided a shaver is at hand.

Disadvantage:Once you have started with the intimrasur, the procedure has to be repeated two to three times a week in the summer, as the pubic hair grows quickly again.On the day of intimrasur, irritation and skin irritation may also occur.In addition, you can cut yourself with the razor in the often difficult-to-see intimate area, which in the worst case can lead to inflammation.

Instructions for removing the pubic hair

Depending on the skin’s compatibility, the shaving foam, shaving or shower gel and a common (disposable) shaver can be used for the intimate shave.Here at Usprivateschoolsfinder you can get more different models of the beauty tips. Test at home, which care product is suitable for you.It is advisable to shave under the shower or in the bathtub:the warm water opens the pores and softens the hair, which makes even a sensitive intimate area less prone to irritation.In addition, the shaved hair can be rinsed immediately.

To avoid small pimples, you shave the intimate area after application of the care product in the direction of growth and in the case of a skinned skin.Caution is needed near the labia, as there is an increased risk of small cuts.Do not be surprised if the first intimate shave comes to skin irritation or minor injuries, the skin must first get used to the procedure.For regular use, the razor blades should be replaced every six weeks, otherwise they will not cut sharply enough and the risk of injury will be increased.

Care and treatment after intimrasur

The reactions of the skin to the intimrasur are different from woman to woman.In case of irritation it is advisable to use skin oils or babypods.These care products give the skin suppleness and irritation-inhibiting.In addition, there are special creams and skin care products for shaved skin – they should not contain any alcohol as this irritates the skin.In case of severe skin irritation it also helps to use a wound and healing ointment.

fem-Tip:Do the intimrasur best before going to sleep.You can then do without tight underwear, so your skin can recover better.

Intimate dress:Shaving custom-made

If you do not want to remove all pubic hair during the intimrasur, you can create a very individual intimate impression.When choosing the shape:You are the bearer, you must feel comfortable – because uncertainty and feelings of shame not only slow down the love life.

A possible intimacy is, for example, the “bikini lines”:Here, only the edges are shaved, so that nothing is visible when wearing the bikini.

On the “Landing Strip”, on the other hand, Ms. leaves only a small strip on the Venus.Because this intimate hairstyle is particularly suitable for oral sex, it is also preferred by many men.

In addition to these variants, there are also different shape templates as shaving templates. The resulting intimacies appear particularly striking when they are still tinted and dyed – of course, the coloring is taste. You can find tips and tricks about intimrasur templates here:intimate templates

The complete intimrasur, in which not one hair stand still, is called “Hollywood Cut” by the way.In the other sex, this variant encounters shared opinions:the one is the hairless intimate zone too childish, with others it lands in the second place – just behind the “Landing Strip”.


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