How to Use the Makeup on Your Behalf

They all want to be Kylie.

We, mere mortals, we can finally get a little closer to having the “mouth” of Kylie Jenner. That’s because the youngest of the Kardashian  or Jenner clan has just announced on Instagram the launch of its line of lipsticks. If we follow the reasoning that everything she wears turns into trend …

The girl already had previous involvement in the world of beauty as brand Ambassador of cosmetic Nip + Fab, but his ability to make lips perfectly only with makeup already skirted gave evidence that investing in your own business would be a good contract.

While we’re on that subject, how about recalling 10 tips the girl nailed on make?

1. When She Did Brown lips be Object of Desire

After we see the key of one of the lipsticks of the line, we’re eager to see what other colors can reveal. Ruby Woo, better watch out!

2. When She Rocked with Blue Contact Lenses and Peach Skin

Is there anything that doesn’t fit in this girl?!

3. When Your Lashes Stayed with the Volume Perfect

Meanwhile, here we are sticking your fingers with the glue for false eyelashes.

4. When She Stamped with Kitten Eye + Vampire Lips

Sorry, Taylor Swift, but nobody wins that outlined.

5. When She Used Perfectly the Outline in the Nose

With bright blue hair to match. Kylie usually prefer a matte look, but that’s not why you’re afraid to try, what makes us love her even more art that she does with make.

6. When She Invested in Nude Lipstick like a Boss

Leaving the trademark even prettier.

7. When Your Eyebrows “Jumped”

That arc is this, Brazil?

8. When She Showed up in Red Lipstick …

And surprised when leaving your comfort zone (of course it worked).

9. When She Did Something Really Usable Green Lips

Basically a real-life Mermaid proving to those who doubted that turquoise lips are completely Ok.

10. When She Showed the World That “Woke up like This”

And, by revealing who is also one of us, even more wonderful!