How to Use the Curvex

Using the curvex is simpler than you think, check out

To achieve a striking eye effect, double mascara and curvature is infallible.While the former lengthens and increases the volume of the lashes, the second has the power to make them well curved.

Many women find that using eyelashes on the eyelashes should hurt, which is a big mistake, because if used with attention and firmness in the hands none of this will happen.The eyelash curler should be used before applying the mascara and close to the eyelash root for at least ten seconds.

The device does not break the eyelashes, but care must be taken to maintain the rubber that protects the eyelashes when bending and check if the eyelash is properly seated before starting the procedure.

The rubber of the curvex should be changed every six months or when it starts to crumble, this prevents bacteria that can cause complications on the skin and eyes.In addition, the eraser eraser along with the residues of mascara can trap and break the lashes.

There are several models of the curvex.The most common and cheapest are the metal curvex and the plastic curvex, but if you prefer to invest a little more, there is the thermal curvex.It has a system that slightly heats the device as if it were a plaque, making it much easier to model the eyelashes.

For women who wear false eyelashes, the eyelash curler is a great choice to help when applying the eyelashes.Simply apply the eyelash curler on the actual eyelashes before placing the applique.

If you still have questions about how to use the curvex, check out the videos below that explain in a very simple way how to achieve a seductive look in a few minutes.