How to Turn Shadow on Eyeliner: Follow Step by Step

The colored EYELINERS are gaining more and more space in the heart and in the makeup of the women. Perfect for out of the basics, the item leaves the funniest production and is perfect with a more natural skin and mouth nude. Because they are not so common, the products are not always part of the nécessaire. But that can no longer be a problem in time to innovate on the make. With a bit of shade, water and a brush beveled you can make your own eye-liner abusing their imagination and creating amazing productions.

The tip serves not only for the colored EYELINERS, the black shadow can also create the dark streak and even the famous “eye of kitten”. The trick ensures a perfect stroke, with a super coverage. In addition to “bail out” in times of emergency, the step by step can be great to give purpose to that shadow hard to use that was dumped in the back of a drawer.

Step by step to transform your shadow in eyeliner

step 1: in a container that can be his own shadow CAP, put a little water;

step 2: choose the tone that you want the eyeliner. Glitter Products are also great for this purpose;

step 3: pour a little of the shadow in the water container;

step 4: mix with a brush. The color and texture of your new product will depend on the amount of water you put. If you find that the mixture is too watery, increase the amount of shadow;

step 5: with a beveled brush -achatadinho on the sides and angled tip-apply the mixture close to the upper lashes. To get a more uptight, it’s worth doing the line with an eye pencil and apply the eyeliner on top;

step six: to not blur, wait a few seconds with my eyes closed, until the product dries well.

Lined with cream shade

Creamy shadows can also do the times of eye-liner, just skip the part of adding water and go straight to the stroke with a brush beveled. To increase the duration of make or leave the dash finish more opaque, it’s worth spending a thin layer powder shadow in the same creamy color using the brush.