How to Take Care of Your Hair at the Beach?

Even those who do not like much of the summer, as I must admit that summer at the beach is very inviting. But who was not born with the beautiful and wonderful hair naturally, always gives that lazy to go to the beach because of the hair, salt water, sand and sun is a combination that no hair like, and one must be very careful not to damage them at that time. Besides, one surfer waxed aspect is an effect that is not for every hair in general, it is is very hard and even rebel hhahahahahhaa.

Of course, technology is there to make our lives easier, and today there are already many products that help take care of the hair on the beach. It is worth remembering right? In addition to the products, some care is important and help a lot!

1 – Pre-beach Caution. As you must pass the sunscreen before leaving home, do the same with the hair. Wet hair and spend some comb cream or leave-in with sun protection factor.

2 – Colorful Hair. The higher wear is caused because the pool chlorine, the sun or the sea water open the wire cuticles. Therefore, those who have colored hair should be even more careful and choose products suitable for hair with dye, because your hair may change color or become stained.

3 – Hat. Invest in accessories like hats, which in addition to super stylish, help protect the wires and face.

4 – On the Beach. Whenever you leave the sea, rinse your hair in showers scattered around the beach, or take a water bottle for it, to remove sand and salt, which can cause friction in the threads and dry the hair fiber, leaving brittle and abuzz. After that, pass a comb cream with protection factor.

5 – Avoid holding the wet hair, which is a recipe for fungi and bacteria! Pass the cream and let it dry naturally.

6 – When you get home, and rinse the hair before passing the shampoo to remove all excess sand and salt is left in the hair.

7 – If you stay longer on the beach once a week, make a moisturizing mask with a nutrition and restoration itself to protect the hair on the beach, go across the length of the wires but avoid the root. Let stand 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse well.

8 – To recover the hydration of the wires, a good choice is the repair of oil, but should be used only at night, not recommended to use to go to the beach or pool.

9 – To boost hydration mask, invest in the repair of light bulbs!

10 – Cut the ends. Free up the split ends before traveling pro coast, because these wonderful very tips will get even uglier after the season on the beach. Cut it in the bud (or wings in this case).

With these tips, you can already come to play in the sea (so to speak, right?) without worrying about the mane!