How to Prepare Your Skin For Makeup

Today we brought you a tutorial of how to prepare the skin for makeup, especially for you who are starting to do their own makeup and want to know how to get even more beautiful.

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Step 1 – Primer

To begin learning how to prepare the skin for makeup, first apply the primer across the face evenly, this product helps to reduce the appearance of large pores and also fix the makeup throughout the day.

Step 2 – Concealer

The correctives serve to disguise the flaws of little spots and acne, these products have various colors, each to cover something specific, use the yellow for stains and green for acne or redness.

After you apply the corrective color, ideally you also pass the same tone of your skin and not worry because in the end your skin won’t be colorful.

Step 3-Base

The base is essential to make the perfect skin, a good tip is to take care with the bases themselves, moisturizers if you have oily skin, choose those that are written that are matte.

The bigger the better coverage will cover, if you want something lighter for the day to day can use average coverage and something more perfect for the night, use a high coverage.

It is important you have in mind also what is your type of tone, if it’s more pink and yellowish, as the basis for one of those pull shades, if you are pink and not like your tone, you can also use a yellowish.

Another tip is to prove the basis before buying, to make sure it’s neither clearer and even darker, the ideal base is one that “some” in the skin.

Step 4 – powder

The powder serves to seal the base and also take a look even better, for mature skins ideal is the loose powder and for young people can use the compact type.

A good brand of powder is essential, since marks very thin leave the skin scarred.

Step 5-Tan and illuminator

The Tan serves to sharpen areas and give the impression of diminishes them, such as the nose.

The illuminator is to give a more youthful appearance and highlight the area chosen, is used a lot in the middle of the nose, forehead and under the eyes.

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