How to Make up Your Eyes to Look Bigger

To make up the eyes to make them look bigger you should be aware of a few simple rule: let us see how you can get excellent results for an intense look and deep, and much larger eyes.

Learn how to make up your eyes to make them look bigger is one of the most important things in a self-respecting make-up.

Here are some tips to have a deep look and make it look like eyes bigger with a few touches of stap by step right, pencil and cosmetics.

How to make up your eyes to enlarge:

First of all, we need to eliminate dark circles and bags any good correct. Staked or use the brush to cover the dark parts. The ideal is to apply during the day a good product to soothe the eye area, which is very important in the collection of the look.

Lay the Foundation on the skin of our face, applying it with a sponge to give a perfect uniform effect with particular attention to the eye area.

Proceed with the eyebrow makeup: If you have small voids you must fill them with a special Pencil for eyebrows, also useful to better define eyebrows. Remember that thinner eyebrows will look your eyes bigger.

Now moving on to makeup for the eyes. Apply a hazelnut Brown eye shadow on the entire eye, and then applied a darker Brown in the crease of the eye. Blend everything well, so as to create an effect of depth to your look.

Apply a brightening eye shadow on the entire upper eyelid, making sure internal hanging limestone, to give more light to your look.

Now apply the black eyeliner, making sure you draw the line coincident with the hanging of the eye.

With a Brown pencil passed on lower lashes, being careful not to use a color too dark, that would have the opposite effect, and would seem smaller eyes.

Bend your lashes with the help of a dedicated Eyelash curler, and apply the mascara, which will make your look even deeper.

Other strategic make-up to enlarge the look are the cat-makeup and the makeup for small eyes.