How to Make a Polka Dot Nail Art


The nail art, that the decorations on the nails, are now all the rage and many wish they could create at home a professional manicure. In the following guide so we’ll see some helpful tips on how to make a nail art in polka dots in a simple and intuitive. The inspiration of decorum, in this case, refers to the skirts worn by actresses in the seventies: polka dots, polka dots and even polka dots, colorful, lively and fun. Here’s the technique to have the beautiful nails and perfect to show off at a theme party, or even for a more casual look to use every day. Follow me step by step, then, and we proceed!

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Make sure you have on hand:

Nail art with different color nail

First, apply a base strengthener on all nails, to protect them from the nail polish that you are going to roll out later and then apply a second pink-fuchsia nail polish, very intense and lively; for a more “live” effect, made ​​two passes. Be careful to work with a lot of calm in order to avoid unsightly smudges inaccuracies and then devote yourself to the realization of the decoration. To draw the dots, use a nail polish pen, that in order to be applied, will be wrung like an “eraser or whiteout” liquid; then, starting from the center and following an imaginary line drawn diposti the dots across multiple files.

If you do not have these particular types of glazes (which by the way also have an onerous cost) you can use the tip of a pen dipped in ink and finished in white enamel. Alternatively, you can also opt to use an increasingly toothpick dipped in glaze. As “the most extreme solution” make a coat of top coat basic or above the colored enamel strengthener then draw the dots directly on the latter by means of a whiteout before reapplying again a layer of clear top coat as a finish.

Once the nail art, “staked” by the end of the nail of ice cubes for lasting enamel longer and then rub each nail with a cloth soaked in lemon juice to prevent yellowing in a natural way. If you want to get a more original touch you can apply a bow of cloth (you find them in haberdashery 2 euro per packet of 200 bows), bonded with the transparent nail polish to center. This arrangement will serve to focus attention on detail and making nail art even more personal.


Never forget:

Performed the work with great precision in order to prevent smudging

Used if you like, different colors from pink as the basis