How to Make 60s Makeup

How to make a make up the years ‘ 60 in a few easy steps. All instructions to highlight the look step by step in this article.

The strong character of this type of makeup comes naturally from the look, flashy and literally “exaggerated” but with style and class. The 60 ‘s makeup, perfect for all women with a passion for all things retro, brings out your eyes, expressive eyes and just think of the beautiful Twiggy, icon of those years, to fall in love with it.

Make up the years’ 60: when

Definitely the 60 ‘s makeup is more suitable for the evening, for a party or an evening of dancing, it is certainly

How to Make 60s Makeup

not a trick thought for the Office or for recreation, although, if they could make a much more soft and natural, but you have to give up on false lashes and clear line.

60’s makeup: for whom?

This type of makeup is fine in all but especially to those who have the very small eyes and needs to broaden “the horizon of vision” with makeup, but it definitely looks great even to those who have the eyes round and big.

What products do you need?

  • A mascara to lengthen and separation
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black pencil for the outside of the eye
  • Clear pencil for the inside of the eye
  • False eyelashes, if and when needed
  • Concealer
  • Foundation for the base
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eye shadow Pearl White
  • Neutral or dark eye shadow

How to make a 60’s eye makeup

Let’s start from the base. The concealer should be used around the eyes, to even out the color and soothe the appearance of dark circles. But it can also be used to cover all the little flaws on your face. Remember to staunch this, until completely absorbed. Now lay the Foundation to even out skin tone and give light to the face.

We pass to the eyes. First you’ll have to thickening eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil that adapts well to your color. As a base on your eyelids better use a Pearl-White eye shadow to blend to well over the entire eye lid, on which we are going to apply eye shadow that you’ve chosen for your eye make up the years’ 60.

This leads to the most delicate phase and characteristic of this type of makeup: 1960s eyeliner. Apply it starting from the inner corner to the outer following perfectly eye line. Inside the eye will go instead to apply a light pencil, critical step for those who have small eyes and want to make them look bigger.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our photo gallery, you will surely find the perfect make up 60 years for you.