How to Have a Thin Face

To make your face stay thinner and does not necessarily have to lose weight, you might be in your ideal size, but your face is swollen or round. We will offer to you a different solution to be able to tune the face with a few simple tips. If you’re wondering how to get a slimmer face, pay close attention to the following. We will explain to you the best beauty tricks to get your face is thinner, without the need to resort to strict diets or surgery. Take note and let’s go!


  1. One of the best methods to refine the face is doing a haircut that favors this objective. If you have round or oval face, we recommend to you a medium hair once you get to use very short your face will appear larger, and if the use is too long, your face might lose its shape.

Try that the court reaches the jaw, otherwise will enlarge it. The ideal is a cut above the chin, in addition, it is preferable to avoid the curly or wavy hair, since they extend the facial features. A layered or some gentle waves will be the key to soften your face.

In this article of a reveal you the haircuts for fine tuning the face that will be the best to achieve this goal.

  1. Fringe, yes or no? If this is what’s troubling you, pay attention. Can use fringe without any problem, also, it is best to opt for a next and asymmetric since so be able to hide your facial features round, getting that suavizem.

On the other hand, we advise you to use the risk to one side, never in half, since dividing the face into two equal parts just take us to harden the face, making it rounder.

  1. The makeup is very important in time to hide or enhance our traces. To get the face be slimmer from now on the blush should become his great ally. Must use it for tanning, illuminate and highlight your cheeks.

To apply it properly, use the brush on the diagonal, from the cheek to the hairline or the temple, this trick will be able to fine tune your face. The best shades to achieve will be the blush with Tan, bright and shiny effect. Avoid at all costs the dark tones.

In a we give you more advice so you know a round face makeup.

  1. It’s better to make up your eyes than the mouth. As we said before, should draw attention to the upper part of the face. Bet on the mascara and a good eyeliner to draw a line on the eyelid that mark your look. As for the shadows, have freedom to play with the shades that best match your eyes, you should simply stay bright and attractive.

As for lips to make the face get leaner, smoother, better. The goal is to soften the jaw, so the tones of pink or nude, as well as the gloss will be your allies, since they can stretch your mouth and make your face stay thinner.

  1. The eyebrows may also contribute to slim down our face, the trick is to let them thick and showy. You must beat them in order to get a wide and broad stroke, finishing with a fine point. Thus will mark its look and, at the same time, be able to focus attention on the highest part of the face, stretching it visually.
  1. On the other hand, to get your face don’t look so round, must carry out some tips that will help you the swelling go down:
    • Drink lots of water, about two litres a day, to be able to drain and debug your body and prevent fluid retention, which can also occur in your face.
    • In addition, we advise you to carry out a low-salt diet and sugar and avoid red meats or refined flours.
    • Bet on red fruits, oatmeal and pineapple juices, especially first thing in the morning, the papaya salad, fresh vegetables and green tea.
  2. There are multiple infusions and drinks that act as diuretics and will help you to denny his face with the goal of getting leaner. The infusion of ginger, for example, is one of the most efficient. You can also try the green tea, a great antioxidant, or infusion, which eliminates toxins.

In a reveal you the more diuretic teas among which stand out the mackerel, artichoke water or dandelion.

  1. The facial gymnastics exercises can also help you in this regard. Smile too much to move all the muscles of the face; try fish face to tone the cheeks and eliminate fat dewlap; fill your mouth and keep your swollen cheeks for about 10 seconds or repeat the vowels for the facial muscles move.