How to Get Red Dots

The red dots on the skin are caused by aging, liver dysfunction or sun exposure.

The reason the spots have that coloring (red) is due to small blood vessels that dilate for different reasons.

The places where these spots usually appear on the neck, back and chest.

As much as it’s not a bad thing, many want to remove them for discomfort and aesthetics.

How to get red dots?

There are different ways to remove the spots, are natural treatments to surgery. The best is you, along with a professional, decide what would be the ideal treatment in your case.


Many resort to this kind of treatment because the spots are larger and deeper. The doctor extracts the paints and then closes the points. This process is usually painful and scarring.


More effective and painless method to get spots, and has no side effects.


He freezes the red dot to then be able to extract it. The procedure is similar to remove warts. It’s not painful, but the cost is higher.

There are many homemade treatments, but it is important to choose treatments that are effective and do good for your health.

Although red dots are not bad for health, it is important that you control your growth and appearance.

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Skin care

Better than having to remove spots, would prevent so that they do not appear.

Always try to protect themselves from the Sun, great ally to the appearance of spots, and use sunscreen, day and night.

Natural peels can be of help to maintain beautiful skin.

Always moisturize your skin with natural creams. Eat in a balanced way, consuming fruits and vegetables.