How to Do You Lose Weight?

First is the search for hypertrophy develop their muscles, but you must have a training with specific care to achieve the growth of muscles, certain basic rules that must be followed.

So let’s get started, the first tip is to go to bed early, it is advisable that you sleep at least 8 hr per day for your anabolism.

If you eats 2 times a day and still incorrectly, and without timetables? Know that this cannot happen, the correct power supply is 3:00 pm 3 hours eating foods, such as: construction, chicken breast, fillet of fish, lean meats, vegetables, vegetables, fruits, cereals etc. And for better performance go to a nutritionist, because he will pass the correct diet for you, so if you want to lose weight or want to gain muscle mass.

If you can’t make the daily meals, take supplements such as: protein shakes, bcaas, amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals, if in doubt a nutritionist will be able to indicate the correct supplement to help you conquer your goal.

A very important thing is to rest your muscles after the muscle has been trained, he has to rest for 48 hrs is the least I can do to get a good anabolism, don’t stand for hours in the gym training, as you will catabolize (process of breakdown of muscle fibers for energy), training is a catabolic process, then you have to be the minimum time in the gym training.

Only You Can Make Training Academy Hypertrophy?

Any resisted exercise can bring effect on hypertrophy, but bodybuilding is more of indicas for this as it is easy to have load control and there is a security guard working with the machines.

But there are other exercises that use the body’s own weight as Pilates, functional training and training, they also can do the hypertrophic effects. But in my view the academy is the best option among them for hypertrophy training.

Some of the best you tube channels that pass hypertrophy training is the 4 Fit Club channel, they post multiple videos with workouts and take several questions regarding the practice of hypertrophy, worth watching.