How to Do Makeup like Amy Adams

Ethereal and elegant, Amy Adams prefers a make up measured, played on natural tones. The bare style is the protagonist, but there are bright colors, dosed with balance to compose a harmonious and sophisticated effect.

It ‘s beautiful, it’s good and has just won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Margaret Keane in Big Eyes, the latest film by Tim Burton, and yet Amy Adams does not talk much. And not because they lack arguments: the American actress has had a respectable career, with important roles and 11 nominations including Academy Award and Golden Globe. Simply, Amy is reserved and discreet.

A style that is also found in its choices in terms of make-up: the interpreter of the acclaimedAmerican Hustle , in fact, prefers a trick style nude, but not above the bright colors, which it uses to compose a set of great balance and elegance .

Face: porcelain complexion

If you were to describe Amy Adams with a single adjective, probably the most appropriate would be “ethereal”. The actress has indeed delicate colors – the hair is auburn, blue eyes and snow-white skin-and enhances this characteristic smoothing the complexion with primer and foundation neutral and lighting it with a touch of blush pink or orange on the cheekbones.

A style to be copied with the Perfectrice Guerlain Météorites Perles Anti-Backhoe, Diorskin Nude BB Cream 001 – Light and Diorblush Choral 676 Cruise or 889 New Red.

Eyes: blue and gold

Amy Adams makeup her beautiful blue eyes follow to the letter the rules of make-up: warm, golden shades to put in prominence and colors in the range of blue to assecondarne natural luminosity. Two solutions that can be played back using for example Dior 5 Couleurs 566-Versailles and Palette Hypnose Drama Eyes Bain de Minuit Lancôme.

To break the monochrome when it opts for the range of blues, Amy draws the rhyme of the upper eyelid with a full stretch and well-defined eyeliner or with a gradient of pencil, creating an effect smudged even on the lower eyelid. A simple but effective trick, in the first case to be imitated using a product like Deep Black Kajal Kiko, that thanks to the tip from the conical shape allows you to draw a perfect and intense line, and in the second the pencil with smudge of Rimmel Exaggerate.

Rounding out the set are then lashes high volume, which can be achieved with a mascara like Maybelline featured on COLLEGESANDUNIVERSITIESINUSA.

Lips, red passion and natural shades

With thin lips that draw a mouth perfectly shaped, Amy Adams can dare bright colors without the risk of appearing vulgar. In fact, the actress does not mind cherry lipstick and bright red with a brilliant finish, like Shiny Lip Stylo 188 Orange coral Diego Dalla Palma.

Usually, though, Amy prefers lipstick and gloss in natural and nude shades. The effect is elegant and sophisticated and you can play for example with Miss Pupa 100 Nude Velvet Matt and Glossy Lips 302 Golden Caramel, both of Pupa Milano.