How to Do Eva Green Makeup

All the secrets to make a make up elegant and seductive as that of Eva Green.

Eva Green is a famous French actress with a particularly elegant look. Accomplices the raven hair and two beautiful blue eyes, the star always looks intriguing and seductive.

Let’s see some tips to look beautiful and elegant like her.


To an ever fresh and firm skin it is very important to choose the right skincare routine. The cleansing is the first step to keep the face purified with a grain of the skin smooth and compact. For sensitive skin like that of Eva Green it is important to choose a product with natural ingredients such as Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish to apply with cloth muslin combinedPolish Hot Cloth Cleanser; thanks to the antiseptic and cleansing ingredients helps to remove all traces of make up and smog, also performing an exfoliating action and anti-aging.

After cleansing, to maintain the right hydration, it is good to opt for a good moisturizing and antioxidant. Eva Green has very fair skin with freckles and presence throughout the year using a sun protection factor higher as the facial moisturizer  Radiance Mineral UV Defense SPF 50 Skinceuticals; This product, in addition to moisturize and protect the skin contains pigments that help to even out the natural color of the face. Even the eye area must be protected, especially to prevent the damage of the sun’s rays; a great ally is the eye contour cream Mineral Eye UV Defense SPF 30 Skinceuticals, with 100% natural sunscreen.


Eva Green uses the foundation mainly on special occasions. To enhance the natural skin tone, full of freckles, the actress uses texture and light from the lower middle corenza as the foundation of Maestro Giorgio Armani ; the product has a cool texture and imperceptible on the skin, covers naturally maintaining good hydration.
By the look of everyday Eva Green prefers a natural makeup to let your skin breathe. So it is better to choose a mineral powder foundation like that of  the bare Minerals Matte SPF15 version ; the formulation is completely natural, it brings to skin precious minerals with strong anti-aging and protective actions.


Eva Green prefers to bring out the color of their eyes with smokye eyes, black pencil and lots of mascara. The colors of eye shadow often match the outfit worn or accessories but in the various catwalk photographs no shortage of nude tones or warm brown to highlight and contrast the lighter shade of the iris. A good compromise is to rely on palette with nude shades, ideal for daytime look to evening, for example the Ultra smart Snow Cosmetics.
The eyes are placed in the foreground with the implementation of the pencil black on the outside and internal rhyme. For an ultra-shiny black effect and long-lasting better to choose a soft lead pencil out and pigmented like the  Perfect Eyes Too Faced.
To finish the eye makeup can not miss the mascara. Looks catwalk impose a magnetic eyes and seductive it is essential to a good volumizing mascara like the Better than Sex Too Faced.


For a healthy glow touch on Eva Green he faces no less of blush, choosing almost always warm tones. For a very natural effect it is good to opt for light texture and the effect cool as the Glow Lip & Cheek Gel instant blush cheeks and lips of Dior ‘s long held; the color is easily reduced, it is applied with the fingers and gives the face a more radiant appearance.


Indispensable for all divas red carpet. Eva Green also uses the technique of contouring to highlight and sculpt the facial volumes. To reproduce the effect of higher cheekbones, slimmer nose and more compact boundaries by relying on specific products such as the duo pencil Contourmania Snow Cosmetics ; thanks to the double undermines the product allows you to create shadows and light points specifically to enhance the natural beauty of the face.


For lips Eva Green chooses or completely natural look, rubbing his lips with a lip gloss, lipsticks or use with very bright tones. Particularly its lipsticks favorites are all those in the red range, from the most vibrant (like Red Lipstick Intense nr. 31 Diego from Palma) and switched to darker red and tending to borbogna. Learn how to remove your makeup from Gradinmath.


For a long-lasting make up the powder is always essential. The powders of the latest generation also help minizzare skin imperfections; the powder Surreal Snow Cosmetics is made ​​with Silica and Mica for a velvety effect on the face. When in addition to minizzare imperfections you want to make the most radiant face and complexion better scegeliere new latest generation solar powders, like Jolie Teint by Guerlain .


To keep hands and always neat Eva Green nails no less than moisturizing and restructuring treatments like Hand Cream with Olive Oil and Organic Lemon Lepo. For a “natural look” on your nails, you can apply a glaze on the nude tones (as enamel  Satin Nude – 002 Light Rose Pupa ) or a transparent color from light pinkish tone ( Satin Nude-005 Pink Pupa ) nail from ‘more healthy and well-groomed appearance.

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