How to Do Carnival Nails

Carnival is a time of celebration, joy, fun and friends. Once you have the look ready, tidy, combining fantasy hair with makeup, that can not miss? The nails of Carnival, of course!

Split up a tutorial manicure Leila Ramosso you go to the beautiful streets,colorful and in line with the party mood.

Let’s teach you do the colorful striped nails of Carnival to get a charm and it is super simple! Check out the video here: 800Zipcodes.

Items you will need:

And smalte creamy white, blue enamel l, yellow and pink; and if you wish, you can use fine brushes own nails (can be found in cosmetic stores).

Step by step – nails of Carnival:

1-To start pass base on your nails, as well as strengthen, they make the nail polish last longer.

2- After d the base dry r , pass a layer of creamy white. You don’t have to worry too much about how he’s going to be the nail, because white utility is to let the colors that will be used more vibrant. Even when we apply the colors, the white will appear.

3- Take the yellow and start doing the listrinhas, side p the r (a) the middle. Then use the pink and make more listrinhas, in the same way: starting from the side and ending in the middle. With the pink, fill in the blanks under the yellow. Finally, use the blue enamel to make more listrinhas. Complete the spaces that were not colored yet, using the blue color.

4-Donethe previous step, wait to dry well and pass brightness over to give a special touch.

And ready! Your nail of Carnaval estwill get beautiful and you are ready to enjoy the weekend.

If you like dthe ideaof listrinhas, another easy way to let your nailspreparedis doing the French colorful.

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