How to Cut Side Bangs

Haircuts with bangs are up again! For anyone who loves a good opportunity to recycle the cut and who never used, why not try? The cut with bangs is the classic of the classics and since 20 years which are ones among modern women. Many have abandoned large bunches, the long strands at the waist, but the fringe ever! And a good tip to join the Court without becoming too retro is by using the side fringe.

Fringe is not even all the same. They can be straight, rounded as were sets about two years ago, very short as Sabrina Sato joined but did not please the super long length known as franjão, among others. The side model’s being the most used because it is versatile, combines with various types of cutting and it’s ugly. Women who don’t know how to begin to use fringe, go with this!

Side Fringe Models

Side fringe or side is not all the same. One of the classic types is the straight, just leaving the cutting side but with tips on straight cut. Serves to smooth or slightly wavy hair. But whatever the type of bangs, will never match cut curly hair. Win cool not volume. Do not insist. The straight cut and hand has the advantage that if you do not want to use, and is franjão style, is just combing the wires back and bangs some. If short cover with a tiara or hair clip and completely changes the look. Basic and practical, eh, girls?

The peaked side bangs is one of the coolest because it gives life to hair, swing. If you have a few wires or suffers from fall, this and your model. The peaked on the fringes gives a little more volume to the hair, movement, and creates the illusion that you have more hair than there really is. The peaked around the edges is done with scissors razor. Best left to professionals who have mastered the technique of what to do at home. The downside is that when the thread grows is without form and you have to cut the hair one more time. But nothing that a little visit to the beauty parlor quick does not resolve your problem.

The diagonal side fringe is little used because it doesn’t match all the wires, but creates an incredible balance. But you have to be extremely straight hair for cutting stay cool. The use of concentred is indicated for this type of visual to look cool. If not well combed, too, will look like a wrong cut. When good plain or brushed, creates the visual sensation of layers, so it’s fashion and widely used by celebrities.

The long side bangs to one side is one of the most fashions of the moment. One of the biggest was the pop singer Rihanna, using one side of the hair a super low cut and the other long. Who can use? All, but not worth to regret when cutting a extremely short side and the second long. It’s just going to keep trimming the tips of both sides according to the growth.