How To Curl Your Hair Without A Straightener-Tips And Videos

There was a time when the fashion among women was extremely smooth hair with no frizz, or ripple to give volume and movement. However, like all fashion, this trend of hair lisíssimos passed, and now the wave now are the curls. For those who already had the curly hair or wavy it is easy, just use the natural hair. But for those who already have the hair smoothed or entered the chemistry and smoothed for good has a way to have your hair with beautiful curls and waves to give movement and a natural air lock. The following are tips on how to do, but without using curling iron, babyliss and others, in addition to videos teaching you to do.

Tips how to Curl your hair without a Straightener

There are ways well easy to get that hint, Gisele hair that every woman dreams of, that without using babyliss, Board, hair-dryer, diffuser, or anything

Of these technologies.

There are some techniques and secrets that you can do and get this result.

Wavy hair

A technique quite old and quite simple to let the hair with a cool ripple effect, very simply is to make thick braids, is perfect for sleep and drop the next day.

Do Coke also gives effect of wider and more natural waves. Make a bun will only give that effect more diva, and do two Coke make minor waves effect.

Use the famous bobes, bigudins among other accessories like that also helps a lot.


Following, videos taught to make ripples with variety of different techniques. Are easy techniques and uses materials that you fear me House.

Watch video Ana Aguirre teaches you how to make the wavy effect with pantyhose…

Following the trick Nina teaches in the video below.

See also the tips of Mari Leon.