How to Braid Boxer

The braid fighter is one of the first hair trends of 2016. Consists of two Dutch braids fitted, one on each side of the head, ending with normal tangle. The celebrities are all popping with this style, popularized by Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Katy perry, Rita Ora, FKA Twigs and Sabrina Sato. The style, originally used in African tribes, is taking the female community and conquering the world. Unfortunately, not always the hairdresser of Kim Kardashian is available to braid our hair, isn’t it? If you would like to learn to do this hairstyle, which is a lot simpler than it looks. To learn how to braid boxer, continue reading this article from a. A hit!


  1. To make fighter braid, start by ensuring that your hair has texture body at the time. The hair should not be very hydrated and soft, but must be clean. You can start with second day hair or wash in time.

If your hair is smooth, dry wires before you start braiding. Rub some mousse or other product to ensure volume and dry the strings upside down.

If you have curly hair, wash the wires and entrance with wet hair even.

  1. Leave your hair in the middle, creating a dividing line since the middle of the forehead until the end of the neck. It doesn’t have to be perfectly set, it is nice that the wires have fallen naturally.
  2. This is a kind of exposed braid, wire should not be facing inside. This regular braid embedded is called a French braid, braid fighter is made with Dutch braid.
  1. Attach half of the wires will not be processed in time, so as not to thwart the move. Get a lock on the front of the hair, next to the center partition, and divide into three pieces.
  1. Start the braid tight to get three little braid links. At this point, add one more strand of length that is loose, crossing the outlines below. This step is very important so that the braid stay positioned over the scalp and not inlined. Thus, entrance in a normal way, just backwards, pulling the small Tufts down.braid
  2. Repeat the process all the braided hair near the nape of the neck. Make sure the braided underneath. Please note that the placement is essential: the braid should be closer to the top of the head than the ear, so it is with a look more aggressive and less romantic.
  1. When you finish braiding all the wires next to the scalp, do a simple braid to the ends. Secure with a rubber band and repeat the procedure on the other side looking for symmetry. Finally, you can also loosen the braid to give the illusion of more hair or thicker yarns. Your braid Boxer is ready!

Tip: Can drop some hairs babies at the forehead and temples to look more relaxed and modern, like in the picture.

  1. Other styles

The traditional fighter braid follows this technique, but you can bet on many variations of this look. You can, for example, wires tied in pigtails when finish plaiting the hair near the scalp.

A very nice option is to make the Dutch braids and locks into a ponytail centered in the area of the neck. A hit!

Once you master the technique of Dutch braid, you can bet on different styles as the side braid, do several built-in thin braids to one aspect even more aggressive.

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