How to Apply Bridal Makeup in a Natural Way

New fashion trends they want also for wedding day look is simple with a natural makeup and hairstyle not too elaborate.

To bring out the so-called bare-look effect thus serves a make-up almost invisible, able to fix facial blemishes without weighing it down, to build on the strengths and to illuminate the face of the bride.

But how to apply bridal makeup naturally?
Here are some Tips for a wedding make-up natural yet sophisticated!

  • Games with a great facial and roll out a moisturizer and matting.
  • Roll with your fingers a little Concealer under the eyelids to eliminate dark circles and imperfections of the face to even out skin tones.
  • Apply a foundation long lasting, opaque but of a color similar to your original color. Choose a foundation to illuminating effect.
  • With the applicator roll out a layer of loose powder compact anti-shine effect. Pay particular attention to the T-zone: forehead, nose, Chin.
  • With a brush slouchy donated light to the face with a dust at tanning effect
  • Before you makeup your eyes roll out on the eyelids a neutral cream color that will serve as a basis and will ensure a more long-lasting makeup … even if tears!
  • For the makeup of the eyes, even if you have chosen a simple natural bridal makeup, a splash of color is allowed. Choose an eye shadow in three different shades to apply both on the upper and lower eyelids to create a light and shadow effect and give depth to the look. The choice of color depends on your skin tone and even the season in which you have chosen to get married. Soft colors and rosé wines are perfect for Blondes, while blackberries can be more daring.
  • Don’t forget to also apply an indelible mascara and use a black pencil inside the lower eyelid.
  • Finally the lip makeup: choose colors rosati who will stand out your smile on the white wedding dress making the lips plumper in a natural way. Before you draw the outline lips with a pencil and then apply a lipstick Kiss-proof, long-lasting! that will ensure throughout the day of marriage a healthy glow and relaxed. The color should be bright but natural. Apply a slight pinkish blush on the cheeks.