How Does Liposuction without Surgery

Want to say good-bye to localized fat once and for all? One of the most efficient ways is to go under the knife and undergo liposuction to reduce the fat accumulated through an operation. However, if you do not want such invasive treatment, know that currently there are different methods that can achieve similar effects but without the period of recovery from liposuction and without the invasion of this treatment. In a we explain how does liposuction without surgery indicating all the techniques that exist and that can help you lose those extra pounds.


One of the techniques of liposuction without surgery less invasive is cavitation. This is a treatment that can be done in medical facilities but also in aesthetic centers, indicated to eliminate fat and improve orange peel skin. This is achieved thanks to a device that passes through the area to be treated and releases low-frequency waves that can break up the fat cells.

After the session is when you start the most important procedure, since it is your body that will be responsible for eliminating, via natural (urinary or sweat), this fat that has been breached. This is why the results of this method are not immediate and you should expect around 1 week to be able to notice them. However, with only one session is not enough and the expert always recommend a specific quantity depending on the area to be treated and your body.

Cavitation sessions usually last 45 minutes or 1 hour and then you will be able to resume their daily lives, not be invasive treatment, does not have any pain. The best areas of the body to treat with cavitation are:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Glutes
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Double Chin

Are specific areas that present an accumulation of fat that cannot be reduced to lose weight or exercise, for this reason, if you have obesity do not recommend this technique because it will not be efficient in this case. In a told you, in detail, how does the cavitation.


Another technique to be able to eliminate localized fat and cellulite is the criolipolise, a new method that has increased demand within the world of aesthetics. As in the previous case, can be done in a medical centre, as well as a centre of aesthetic medicine, because the results can by means of a device that has as main function to apply an intense cold in the area you want to treat, to end with fat cells.

This treatment is based on an investigation carried out at Harvard University where scientists discovered that when fat is frozen and crystallized it is possible to get to delete it without damaging the surrounding tissues. Consequently, with the application of cold in the area to be treated, you can freeze cells and eliminate later through the lymphatic system of the body (urine or sweat).

A criolipolise session is in place in the area to treat a few suckers that have a funnel-shaped. When the machine turns on, it will start down the temperature by absorbing this area of the body, reaching down to -5° C or -10° C inclusive; This data varies always depending on the individual person and the area to be treated.

Is a non-invasive treatment but that may be slightly uncomfortable, especially at the beginning of the session, because the contrasts of temperature can produce a feeling of burning sensation on the skin. After the session frequently appear purple in the area but without any other pain or related nuisance, as it is a non-invasive treatment that does not damage the skin.

In the same way as happened with the cavitation, this process does not bring immediate results and also requires between 10 and 20 sessions to be able to notice them in the body. It is considered a liposuction without surgery because it reduces the accumulation of fat in a specific area without having to submit her body to a surgery or anesthesia.

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Hidrolipoclasia Ultrasonic

Now let’s take it a step further and talk about another method of liposuction without surgery that needs a manual intervention of a specialist doctor. The ultrasonic hidrolipoclasia is a very efficient method suitable to eliminate fat and cellulite of body parts more rebellious and difficult to treat. Do not need hospitalization or surgery and in less than 1 hour you will be able to go home with several grams of fat.

Is a treatment of a single session and that allows to reduce to 4 centimeters of fat.Combines a cavitation session with the extraction grease broken by low frequency waves; the extraction takes place with the introduction of a cannula which absorb dissolved fat and therefore removes it completely from your body. For this reason, this method is much more immediate than the cavitation and much more efficient.

A doctor should evaluate your silhouette to recommend that body area is best to treat with this method. Then, injects a saline in zone a treat to be able to break up fat cells; with a cavitation session will achieve this breakup and then you can make your extraction. After this session is essential to use a track for shaping your body and for him to be perfect.

Is a liposuction without surgery because it doesn’t need anesthesia of any kind (with cold saline injected a local anesthetic) and the next day can regain their normal life. But remember, it is possible to feel pain in the area treated and that you get some purple.


And, finally, let’s talk about the lipolaser, a method that is becoming increasingly trendy and whose results are also efficient than traditional liposuction. This treatment is responsible for breaking up the fat with a high-precision laser; does not require the direct extraction of fat because the body will eliminate the same naturally, since you can turn it into an oily liquid.

As you can see, it’s far less invasive is it draws large amounts of fat and, in addition, the results will be observed when our body take charge of making their natural functions. The best of this technique is that focuses on eliminating these accumulations of fat in the body that are so difficult to get and that liposuction doesn’t usually also eliminate.

The lipolaser also don’t need hospitalization and to reduce the bothersome applies local anesthetic in the area to be treated. This technique does not absorb fat but liquefies and provides natural elimination; the doctor must make small cuts in the skin in order to introduce the filament which move the laser area.

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