How Do You Know What Lipstick Suits You

The lipstick is not only color, but also technology and performance. Want to know more? Take our alphabet dedicated to make-up the most loved by the girls
The lipstick is the make-up cult of all women: a recent survey of AstraRicerche ruled that uses 92% of the Italian. “Lipstick is a real seductive weapon to please the partner and to feel more sexy,” says Lisa Eldridge, artistic director of Lancôme make-up, which is working on the creation of 60 new shades. “A lipstick is able to reflect the personality of the outfit even more: the secret is to find the right shade and able to apply it to real pro. And not just about trends, which in the end are always the same, but the moods, feelings. The trend is changing because the technology is able to create products with higher performance formulas, bright, reflective pigments, durability and extreme smoothness. A kiss-proof, in short. “

With a lip pencil in a neutral color make many dots following the contour of the lips.Then combine them with a pencil in the exact tone of lipstick, never darker. Now fades the lipstick following this natural line.

Kiss and around
Sex appeal zero if the lipstick, especially red, protrudes after an intense kiss. The secret is a no transfer lipstick, preferably in a liquid version, to be applied on the lips after being sealed with a thin layer of foundation.

Color to warm the tone
of any lipstick fades a yellow eye shadow on his lips as
if he were a primer. To make it less intense nuances, however, mixes
lipstick on a couple of drops of hyaluronic acid.

Dual use
The lipstick can become a perfect cream blush: sfumalo to little touches along the bone of the cheekbone.The gloss transparent, however, you can use it on a wet effect eyelids.

If the mine or the tip break, quickly passing the flame of a lighter until the wax melts: reassemble the puzzle and put it in the fridge for half an hour.

mat is opaque; creamy is the classic satin; glossy has a shade almost vinyl. Long lasting or not the transfer is the one that resists for 8 hours.

The mine lipstick is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria: Never use the tester on the lips of exhibitors.Keep it tightly closed stick, and, if the lipstick changes color or smell, immediately throw it.

The darker the skin, the more the color of lipstick should be dark. Remember that artificial lights neutralize the red color scheme, so in the evening you can easily overdo the shades on.

Long life
on the back of the hand you thick dashes with a lip liner, warm with the fingertip and blends with your lipstick.

After applying the lipstick, with the help of a cotton swab, apply the glitter gold or silver at the center of the lips, blending it with the fingertip.

Natural plumping
Use a white pencil to draw the outline of the lips: double effect guaranteed volume.

Exactly! After applying lipstick make an “o” with the mouth and squeeze a finger between his lips: the excess will remain on your finger and you will not worry about the lipstick stains on the teeth.

to blend lipstick this tool must be cut “cat’s tongue” that is beveled on the sides. Choose it in synthetic bristles and wash often, then disinfettalo soaking in hydrogen peroxide.

The lipsticks are formed from three components: pigments that determine the color, emollients that maintain the tightness and waxes which give consistency. Always choose and only tested lipsticks, cruelty-free and with Cee brand: you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Ecological recycling
Do not throw the lipstick almost finished. Collect all the “funds” with the handle of a spoon and ricomponili in a transparent palette magazines (you find them in the best beauty store).

Never exit the natural contour of the lips, especially with the contrasting pencil. If you want to round the shape, make a curved line from the corners toward the center.

on the catwalk this season make-up gurus have no doubt won the dark lipstick with lips in shades bad.Burgundy, passing the grape to black.

Lips mirrored almost reflectors: the blurring get a lipstick in a neutral tone from matte finish, then passing a brilliant gloss on the surface.

Sos wrinkles lips: curale, Feed them and idratale! Or you will be forced to do the “Magnum” for life.

Pictured from left: 1. Rouge Coco Shine col. Téméraire, Chanel (€ 32). 2. Kisses col.Military Red,Burberry (€ 31). 3. KissKiss Rose Up with. Pink Me Up, Guerlain (€ 35.90). 4. Rouge Dior col.Continental, Dior (€ 35.47). 5. Lipstick Color Vibrations col. Marsala, Collistar (€ 19.70). 6.Seduction Lipstick with. Chocolate Flavour, Naj Oleari (€ 16.50). 7. L’Absolu Rouge col. Sheer Rouge Mistral, Lancôme (€ 34). 8. Lipstick with. How to Naturally, Essence (€ 2.89). 9. Gloss Révélateur Intense col. Pinkish Red, Givenchy (€ 28.50). 10. Lipstick with. Red Royal, Dolce & Gabbana (€ 32).11. Lasting Finish with. Clear, Rimmel (€ 8.99). 12. Pour Rouge Couture n. 19, Yves Saint Laurent(€ 34.20). 13. Dark Lipstick n. 221, diego from the palm (€ 24.50). 14. I ‘m col. Soft Brown Nude,Pupa (€ 13.50). 15. Lustre Lipstick with. Alarm, Mac (€ 19). 16. Liquid Lip Potion col. Lethal Red,Estee Lauder (€ 29.90). 17. Rouge Eclat col. Tawny Rose, Clarins (€ 24.50). 18. Veiled Rouge n.PK314, Shiseido (€ 26). 19. Pop Lip Color + with Primer. Melon Pop, Clinique (€ 23.50).