Hot Roller Hair Style

The glamorous and voluminous hair style 70/80 years are on the brink of a return? After a decade of grunge waves, we had almost forgotten that the “Hot Rollers” or thermal curlers still exist, in dimostrarcelo, supermodels Gisele Bundchen and Karlie Kloss, posting on Instagram photos of them, wearing the pink curlers.

There are two types of curlers, thermal or velcro; the former are often made ​​of ceramic and can vary from 5 to 25 curlers, available in a variety of formats, including pins or clips to hold them in place. The Velcro curlers instead are generally of plastic and covered with the so-called Velcro, holding the curler in place after the rolling. They provide different types of curl and volume. Of course the biggest curlers create bigger curls, smaller rollers create tighter curls and uniforms.

Usually hairdressers use those Velcro to make the hair of their customers super massive and trendy, but for those who want to try it alone at home, indicates the heated curlers or hot, because they maintain the much stronger curl, smooth and long duration.
it is true they are more expensive than others, are around 50 euro, but it will help to show off so always prefect your new look.
the only drawback: the sale packs have a few and if you have a very thick head of hair there they will serve twice…

Babyliss “Volume & Curl”: 5 heated curlers extra wide and soft curls to add volume to your hair.Velvet lining and compact thermal box, butterfly clamps 5 and 5 metal tongs. (€39.90)

Remington “Curlers Jumbo”: these curlers from the easy use have built-in wax that helps to keep the heat needed to create lasting curls more easily. They are thus equipped with ionic technology and ceramics, which give your hair brightness and free them from the effect frizz (€ 44)

How to Use Hot Rollers

While you wait for the curlers are warmer, make sure your hair is completely dry, use the hair dryer to remove moisture, and spazzolali to untie the knots.
To give more volume you can use a little ‘mousse before you dry your hair.
Start from above the forehead, take the strands of 5-7 cm, arrotolale around curlers, leaving 2 to 5 cm of free tips and scroll them.
When the curler comes to the skin, stop it with the various pins or clips. Go to the next lock.
Roll up all your hair around curlers. If your hair is particularly large, you may need to do more small sections.
The heated curlers need little time to curl your hair, about 20-30 minutes until it is Freddano, are therefore much faster than conventional Velcro.
at this time you may end up to prepare or do other things while you wait.
Remove the curlers, one by one starting from the top down, first remove the pins and then curlers themselves. Avoid unpacking very curly, because they could lose their elasticity and their volume, use your fingers only (not a comb), to separate the curls and make seem more natural.
If necessary, you can give a final touch lacquer.

If you still have difficulty, on the Youtube channel, you will find lots of video tutorials that will help you step by step in the realization of your hair in voluminous and trendy.