Homemade Treatment For Nails – How To Make Strong And Bright

Long nails and healthy? What woman doesn’t like going to the movies, to a party or even a job interview with the nails done and beautiful? With new trends and models, all women seek to keep the nails done and painted with designs of newborn animals, flowers and even with the traditional French. The important thing is to keep nails strong and beautiful, only it is often not easy to keep that way. Sometimes by not eating right or even by breaking facility. But, there is a way out, we can handle making a homemade treatment to stay strong and healthy.

Check out below, some tips on home treatments, practical and simple to keep nails strong, beautiful and shiny.

Homemade Treatment For Nails Strong and bright as letting

1° Homemade Cream


Ingredients 1 tablespoon fresh mackerel 4 tbsp water 1 teaspoon cocoa butter 1 tsp. Lanolin


Put water to boil with the mackerel. Then put in another container to lanolin and cocoa butter in a Bain-Marie. Add water with horsetail, gradually stir mixing everything until you get a creamy substance

Getting ready is only applied on the nails as a moisturizer.

2° Cloves and olive oil


Ingredients 30 g of cloves olive oil 200 ml


Cook the combination in a water bath, about 3 hours, then strain. Massage your nails during a ten-day step.

3°Olive oil


Ingredients Olive oil


All day, before sleep, place the tips of your fingers in a glass (container) containing the oil and keep so a time of approximately 15 to 30 minutes. This process hydrates your nails and prevents they break easily!

As Leave strong and Bright

To keep nails strong and bright, it takes a lot more than take cuticles, sanding and glazing. It takes a right and healthy food, as some foods, which helps for nails, weak and brittle. Tips that help much is lean meats, spinach, watercress, Arugula. Legumes as: peas, any kind of beans and lentils. Also has another treatment that helps a lot, it’s fast and easy to make, although I find in pharmacies empowering bases. You can make with ingredients you have in your House, for example, iodine, sodium bicarbonate, colorless base. You can do a home base that is suitable for weak nails and brittle, and gives shine. Will only need 3 drops of iodine, 1 pinch of baking soda, 1 colorless nail base, add all ingredients and shake well.  Ready your base is ready. You can apply as a common base, just can’t enameling on top. Use every three days.