Hilary Duff Model for a Day in The “Runway for Life Celebrity Fashion Show”

Singer, actress, designer and model, this is the natural order of progress of the celebrities in Hollywood, all just to follow, at your own pace, and in time, these different stages which seems that they lead to the ecstasy of the success. Or is it that one can not pigeonhole and need to test to see which is more to taste (or which wins more) of all artistic honeys, because I do not believe that they are all so multifaceted.

The case is that Hilary Duff and the catwalks seems a timely thing and for a good cause, as well as Mo in London, and thank goodness, because now only missing celebrities in addition to remove covers to the models, Yes, those who are not all that pretty, ate them the land in its natural habitat.

Duff not paraded single, did (literally) from the hand of his sister Hailey, which by the way, physically, is a cross between Leona Lewis y Sarah Jessica Parker.

At the photocall also posed together, something more relaxed and more beautiful, at least, less forced, and wearing two looks in black, Hillary, a mini dress with sash and shoes with glitter (very well the detail of the dense media because it got highlight), and Hailey, his hermanisima, a grey sequin top and a skirt with light flight.