Heat Activated Nail Polish of Nail Art

A nail polish that changes color with the temperature? Unable to face the summer 2016 without a heat enamel! Here’s everything you need to know about applying and on one of the coolest manicure trends of the season.

Heat Activated Nail Polish of Nail Art

He speaks more and more often but actually is not a real news. The heat enamel, also referred to as “complex” due to its characteristics, is a very particular product that changes color in relation to thermal variation. In short, your manicure may change appearance when changing from a cold to a warm environment or vice versa. But there are glazes that change colour depending on the light source and therefore the Sun could tack on brighter colors: of course everything depends on the characteristics of the product.

How do I apply heat enamel

Just dealing with this aspect, seems obvious why the heat enamel has always been a niche trend. Here at mcat-test-centers you can get more different models and styles. The reason is simple: this type of product is applied mainly on the nails treated with gel, and this is because the heat-activated enamel is a product that probably best not apply on natural nails, unless you use a protective base, as in the case of those who rely on semi-permanent products.

How do you remove nail polish heat-activated

Given that this is a particular product and that in these cases the DIY manicure can be risky, if you don’t know how to use these glazes is good to always rely on a trained beautician. In any case remove it will be quite simple: to behave as with gels, then with appropriate solvents or using a file to remove the top layer of enamel.