Halloween Nail Art

Halloween is coming and like every year we have to take care of everything in detail. The important choices to be made ​​are two: the location where to celebrate the famous US party and what to wear for the occasion. You know, for us women this last point is crucial and we know that every detail can make the difference. The mission is to show off a flawless look from head to foot to the tips of our fingers.

Take a few gestures to make the nails suited to the event. The ideas that I show Halloween Nail Art require little time and subjects can be combined with each other or used individually for a manicure accent. In any case your nails do not go unnoticed and will be monstrously beautiful!


Preparation time: 20 minutes. Difficulty: medium / low.


All Nail Art proposals were made ​​with a zero-tipped brush easily found in perfumeries and art shops. The predominant colors are orange, white and black, but if you prefer you can play with other color combinations and create your custom nail art. For backgrounds I opted for the orange and white glazes and decorations were made ​​with black acrylic paint.

You are traditional and faithful to the classic Halloween or you are looking for sensational Nail Art to show off the scariest night of the year? Quiet, we Nail Art for everyone ! Here you go.


You horror movie passionate and for the event have decided to splurge on the nails one of your favorite movies. I have selected some of the most beloved and feared in the history of horror cinema, presenting them in a simplified version.

We start the Halloween makeup from the right with the Microedu, the famous mask worn in the cult movie Scream. One of the classic horror also famous for its parodies timeless. The most daring, however, will show off the ‘Riddler Saw. Are you ready to play a game with him?

For all lovers of the gothic genre, as well as fans of the director Tim Burton, is the Nail Art  Jack Skellington, the protagonist skeleton cardboard Nightmare Before Christmas. Working backward over the years we find another historical film: Frankenstein, with a nail art in an ironic proposal.

If you love vampires, forget about Twilight, and you think the vampire par excellence.Transylvania reminds you of something? Obviously we are talking about Count Dracula. In its representation, I decided to fulfill his royal “bed” or a coffin complete with a golden engraved above initials. Finally a small mummy tries to break free from the bandages. Probably it escaped from a story book  Goosebumps.


They could not miss the great classics Nail Art Halloween. The pumpkins come to life, mysterious creatures of the night show in the world, blacks cats and owls to arrive at the  dark castles that overlook rugged cliffs. Do not panic. Keep calm and paint your nails.

How to proceed? Roll out the orange color for the background, let it dry and then brush with a pointed scratch started decorating. One need not be precise, the secret is to have patience and take the time to do things slowly. Seeing is believing.


Nail art that I decided to make the nails starring the grin of evil pumpkin. Not to overload the Nail Art I decided to make the accent on the ring, or the face and other fingers of the simple black lines. One need not be precise, the black lines must remember the fact streaks of pumpkin and should not be perfectly straight.

If you dare you can play with the players and mix them to create a unique nail art. It’s up to you to decide and free the imagination.

What do you think of the ideas? Have you already planned your evening of Halloween and the Nail Art to realize? Have your say with a comment below. We look forward to your look.

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