Hairstyle Ideas for Wedding Day

What hairstyle you choose for a wedding? Here are some tips for witnesses, which on this occasion are not simple guests but are extremely relevant. And above all they must stay in the spotlight. The first tip is to combine the hairstyle to suit your choice.

Be best man has a very important role and requires a particular look, elegant and simple at the same time. In principle the occasion calls for a harvest that is the classic chignon or something a little more modern. How to choose? Obviously depending on your dress.

It’s the look that makes the hairstyle, although it may seem a little strange. If you have a jacket or a dress with a Turtleneck, whether hard or simply a Korean mother discovering your neck, if you have a strapless dress then let loose the hair or opt for a semi-harvest.

It is important to also consider the dress of bride, that the witness should know, and the style of the wedding. This may be a very informal ceremony , and then you’ll really be free to comb your hair in the simplest possible way or it could be a gala event. In the latter case, the witnesses will be something more, those in the United States are called bridesmaids.

Is also growing in Italy the tendency to dress up with a special outfit and a shade of choice by the bride, the bridesmaids. If you fit into this successful niche, even the hairstyle must be coordinated. In principle, it requires all the ladies the same look.

If however you are free to choose what they want and are very beautiful hair down and crimped in soft curls. The newest trend is to stop them on one side with a jeweled brooch a bit coarse. It is obvious that for daring so much you don’t have to wear other accessories and your look will be minimal.